A Modern Staging of the Eternal Return

The Fifth Element

There is no complicated metaphysics staged in The Fifth Element. It is actually a concept we immediately relate to, which is perhaps why the movie was so popular from the very beginning. Every five millennia or so, the world comes to a point where the mysterious Fifth Element must be ushered in on Earth in […]

What The Fifth Element Got Right

Bruce and Milla MultiPass

Not at all a classic, The Fifth Element does abound in rich images and even more. While the screenplay does seem to be written by a teenager, we get a glimpse of how society can be in the 23rd century. Sometimes over the top, sometimes visionary, some of these scenarios have proven to be true. […]

TheFifth Element- Sci Fi Classic

fifthelement bruce willis milla jovovich

It isn’t really surprising since the movie is one of the freshest movies of the late 90’s. It’s definitely a science fiction classic. The fact that it features some of the most acclaimed personalities today adds to the Fifth Element’s appeal. The Plot The setting is mid-23rd century. The story by Luc Besson revolves around […]