The Importance Of Controversy


Tyler Perry isn’t the first actor/director to turn to controversy in order to achieve success – Madea stands an example for this, being universally bashed by the critics. However, success wasn’t the only thing he had in mind when creating this character. As he said when defending his work (and he did plenty of that), […]

Madea: Tough Love

Madea Tough Love

After becoming the champion of both the stage and the silver screen with his Madea productions, Tyler Perry returns with a new special for the entire family to enjoy. But this time it will be entirely different. This time, for the first time, Madea gets animated! Madea: Tough Love (as it is called) will feature […]

Madea From A Different Perspective


Tyler Perry became famous for Madea, a character that is loved by the hardcore fans for telling the things just like they are, but also a character that has found no mercy with any respectable critic. In a way, Tyler Perry has become defined by this cross-dressing character and this has had its toll on […]

Madea: Playing The Devil’s Advocate

Tyler Perry's Madea

Upon writing this article, the words of Spike Lee came into my mind: We’ve got a black president and we’re going back. The image is troubling and it harkens back to Amos ‘n’ Andy. And, for what it’s worth, he seems to be right: Tyler Perry does perpetuate the same stereotypes concerning the African-Americans. However, […]

Tyler Perry on Achieving Success


Tyler Perry’s inspirational background drove him forward through the 90’s to hit something great in 1998. Mr. Perry’s success is attributed to God. The background that Mr. Perry experienced seemed to cast a shadow on his life, but as God reached down into his heart. Mr. Perry found forgiveness for his father and used the […]

Tyler Perry is a New Dad

Tyler Perry

Guess who will be a father this year. Did you guess who it is? It is Tyler Perry The television producer and writer, Tyler Perry reportedly is expecting his first child with on-again, off-again model girlfriend Gallia Bekele, according to E! News. Perry hinted that his life is about to change in a big way […]

The Life of Tyler Perry: Going Beyond Madea

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Mabel Madea Simmons a fictional character created and portrayed by Tyler Perry is a sensational show about a thuggishly elderly woman. Madea designed with a saucy hot temper and a sarcastic mind frame. She brings a certain reality to the audience; her numerous catch phrases are difficult not to pick up. Tyler Perry’s creative streak […]

A Few Little Known Facts About Tyler Perry

Tyler Perry and Madea together

Tyler Perry is the man behind the ‘Madea’ costume. He is not just the creator of ‘Madea’ but is ‘Madea.’ Since the inception of  this funny, yet older character by Mr. Perry, there have been many ‘Madea’ films made. She is a hilarious older lady that will make you laugh until you cry! Although there […]

Interesting and Fun Facts About ‘Madea’s Family Reunion’

Madea poses pretty for her photo

Madea fans are all over the world. Tyler Perry sure knows what he is doing when he is portraying Madea. He/she is so funny! Although the fans know everything about Tyler Perry and Madea, there might be some interesting and fun facts they haven’t heard before. Here are some interesting and fun facts about “Media’s […]

Madea Crosses Over


There are still rumors that Tyler Perry has decided not to play the role of Madea on this year’s project: A Madea Christmas. In all honesty, it’s something you wouldn’t expect but would understand anyway. It has been many years after all since Tyler took on the responsibility to deliver Madea as he has been […]