Lonesome Dove: Things to Ponder About

WE still don't rent pigs!

Howdy, like a lot of you, I’ve read the book and seen the movie umpteen (Texan for a large indefinite number) times. Each time I read the book or see the movie, I find some new and interesting nugget or fact.  In fact so much so, for a gift one year; Jane, my wife gave […]

An Interview With Captains Call and McCrea


Hearing of a large herd of cattle being moved north towards Montana, I managed to run into the Leaders of the drive at the store here in Ogallala while they were ordering supplies. One seemed rather jocular while the other seemed kinda taciturn and only wanted to get their business done and get back to […]

Lonesome Dove: The Ties That Bind


Woodrow Cal and Augustus McCrae There was definitely something unique about the friendship between Gus and Cal, but what is it that made them so special? Most strong friendships have the longevity and acceptance we saw between them. Cal accepted that Gus would never do his share of work. Gus accepted that Cal would never […]

Revisiting Lonesome Dove


Lonesome Dove, Larry McMurtry’s 1985 epic of the old west, was the kind of success that can ruin a writer. Before its release, McMurtry was the widely respected author of “literary” novels like Moving On and All My Friends Are Going To Be Strangers. Despite being pegged as a regional writer, the native Texan was no niche talent. His […]

A Special 2013 Christmas Episode


What if you were given the opportunity to travel back in time, write your own Lonesome Dove Christmas episode and all cast and crew were asked to commit to the moment? What have you always wanted to see in a scene? Or perhaps it’s not a what but a who? What if you could have […]

Lonesome Dove Was Amazing, But Why?


Fancy Watching Lonesome Dove? Lonesome Dove is a 4 part western mini-series. It was released February of 1989. You need to understand that at that time westerns were on the decline and so was the mini-series. But against all odds Lonesome Dove brought back the Genre and the format. How and why? Was it merely […]

Lonesome Dove Memorable Quotes

Gus 2

Gus McCrae: A man who wouldn’t cheat for a poke don’t want one bad enough. —– Gus McCrae: It’s not dying I’m talking about, it’s living. —– Woodrow Call: [after handing the gun to Newt] It is better to have that and not need it, then to need it and not have it. —– Woodrow […]

Lonesome Dove Trivia

Lonesome Dove

Captain Augustus McCrae (Gus) and Captain Woodrow F. Call (Call) are retired Texas Rangers and co-owners of the Hat Creek Cattle Company and Livery Emporium located in Lonesome Dove The set for Lonesome Dove was built outside Del Rio Texas Robert Duvall played Augustus McCrae.  He had originally been cast as Woodrow Call Tommy Lee […]