Lonesome Dove Tidbits Part 2


Everybody wants to know more about the miniseries Lonesome Dove. This is especially true when it comes to the main characters and/central pieces to the storyline. Below is your regular fix! Captain Woodrow F. Call “Call” Tommy Lee Jones was the bad ass Call. And if you are a Lonesome Dove aficionado, you already know […]

Lonesome Dove Tidbits


If you are reading this, then you are not your run of the mill Lonesome Dove researcher. You’re probably a fan who wants to know more about the show, the cast, the comings and goings. Good news, you’ve hit pay dirt! Principal Cast Everybody praised the acting of Tommy Lee Jones and Robert Duvall. Heck, […]

Miss Lorena Wood: Doing What She Could…


…but don’t you hold it against her! Lorena is first introduced to us in the opening scenes of the ‘Lonesome Dove’  mini-series, when a bored Gus wanders down to the Dry Bean Saloon.  There the beautiful Lorena is fanning herself as the lovesick Dish Boggett looks on longingly.  Lorena is the only whore in the […]

The Real Josh Deets


Everybody who has read the book and seen the movie knows the relationship between Deets and Call. Call trusted Deets more than he trusted any other human being. Oh you can say he and Gus were lifelong friends and depended on each other; but when something important needed doing, he turned to none other than […]

Lorie or Clara?

Lonesome Dove 2

In film, TV and movies; there have been many instances where guys have compared women against each other. It has resulted, among men, many philosophical arguments such as “Who would you date, Ginger or Mary Ann’’; ‘’Should Archie be with Betty or Veronica’’ ; ‘’Who’s more powerful, Jeanie or Samantha’’ and ‘’ which of Charlie’s  […]

Newt Dobbs: Good Cowboy, But Never Gaining What He Seeks

Newt Dobbs

We are introduced to Newt as a teenager at the Hat Creek Ranch in Texas, working alongside the Rangers as a hand.  He has been raised by Captains Call and McRae and Pea Eye and Deets, since he was a toddler.  Newt’s mother, Maggie, a prostitute, had died when he was very young, and as […]

The Mystique of Lonesome Dove


Just what is it about the book and movie that has made it such an American Icon? If you read the book carefully, you will find it is a very dark story full of death, misery and human frailty; yet the movie does bring some light into it with a little humor and some humanizing […]

The Real Call And McCrae


You have read the book and you have seen the movie, but how many of you know the story behind the story? The story of two men who blazed a trail from Central Texas into New Mexico, then pushed up to Denver and then eventually all the way up into Wyoming? One was an older […]

The Casting of Lonesome Dove


Once in a while, whether it be fate, luck or  whether all the planets aligned properly; a group comes together and something wonderful happens. Cases in point include the 1927 Yankees’ Murderers’ Row, the Four Horsemen of Notre Dame, the 1980 US Hockey Team and of course; the cast of Lonesome Dove. Admit it, Lonesome […]

Woodrow F. Call


As many times as I’ve seen the movie or read the book I have yet to get a true handle on Woodrow Call. I think this might be because there are two Woodrow Calls; the Woodrow Call in the book and the Woodrow Call in the movie. Call was a driven man. But what drove him? […]