The Perks of a Provisional Display

Living Single

Deemed the predecessor of Friends, Living Single also seems to rank better than the latter. Themes obviously overlap: a close-knit group of friends share their personal and professional experiences with each other. Proximity and shared history enables them to interact constantly: the three girls live in a condo neighboring on the apartment of the two […]

The Table Are Turned


Not everybody liked Living Single in the beginning – as a matter of fact, many critics said that it was just another sitcom with an urban setting, which twitched a bit on the concept and thus became a moderate hit. The twitch was a double one, with one improvement being the more realistic approach of […]

Keep Your Head Up

Queen Latifah in Living Single

At the end of the 23rd episode from the 1st season, Living Single features a Queen Latifah song which best describes the counter-movement against the image created about African American women. Whether we are talking about movies, or about songs (hip-hop especially), or about any other kind of medium, the woman is very often referred […]

Living Single Facts

Living Single

One of the best African-American centered series (and not only), Living Single has become a cult series since last time it was aired. Here are a few things that you might have missed since then. The show was originally named My Girls, since it focused on the lives of four single females. However, the studio […]

Living Single – Moving On Up, One Step At A Time

Living Single

Fox gambled a lot when coming up with this idea of presenting the lives of 4 single African-American women living in New York. It was a somewhat original concept, which improved an already existing one: unlike The Cosby Show or The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (or even The Jeffersons), this new series wanted to remove […]

The realistic singles

Queen Latifah in Living Single

Described usually as Friends before Friends, the ladies of Living Single didn’t have too much in common with the ones of the Jennifer Aniston and Co. sitcom. They weren’t the top-model/cute-looking girls which are popularized in the most recent shows. Living Simple didn’t want to impose a certain type of woman, the top-model-like female all […]

A Different Kind of Saving

Living Single

Nowadays, there is a different kind of stereotype being formed as to how African-American women are perceived. Nowadays, whenever the black woman appears on the screen you know that some problems will be solved: whether it is Olivia Pope in Scandal, or Michonne in The Walking Dead, or Lt. Abbie Mills in Sleepy Hollow, these […]