Four Elements And A Cabbie

Bruce Willis is Korben Dallas

In The Fifth Element we see two main characters trying to save the world: one is the ever-lovely (and half-nude) Leeloo and the other one is Korben Dallas, the not so average ex-military who is now a cabbie (ex-cabbie starting from the beginning of the film). Leeloo is played by Milla Jovovich, in her biggest […]

Tom Waits: The Character

Tom Waits in Coffee and Cigarettes

When thinking about good actors, actors that have changed a viewer’s way of watching a movie, I think about actors that have become so deeply immersed into their roles that you cannot tell which is which. Such is the case of Daniel Day Lewis, probably the most respectable character/method actor of the moment. But where […]

The Life of Charles Bukowski


There are different perspectives on what makes a writer. Some believe that writing is a natural skill. Others believe that you’ve got to strive hard in order to become a writer, while there’s another segment that believes it’s all about getting the right breaks at the right time. And while all of these perspectives are […]