The Legend of Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee

Over the course of his life and especially later on after he founded Jeet Kune Do, Bruce Lee said many a times that martial arts aren’t necessarily for fighting, but for a better, healthier lifestyle. In a way, he said that when one begins practicing any type of martial art, one changes himself from the […]

A Short History of the Voice

Tom Waits

Upon meeting with the music of Tom Waits, it is obvious that the first thing that captures your attention is his raspy voice. It seems as if Tom wanted it to sound this way and that he went to great length in order to have it. Only afterwards you hear the lyrics, only afterwards the […]

Elvis Presley – The King of Rock and Roll


Most of the kids today have a hard time understanding exactly why Elvis Presley is considered to be one of the best musicians of all time. That’s not really surprising since most of them woke up to the music of the younger artists today. One look at YouTube videos of Elvis Presley’s past performances, however, […]

Clint Eastwood and His Place in Hollywood


Clint Eastwood (born Clinton Eastwood Jr.) is one of the greatest Hollywood artists ever. With hundreds of movies as both a cast member and as a director, his career, which spans for more than 5 decades, is something that is plain and simple hard to top. Not only did he make movies that made him […]