Elvis and his passion for Cadillacs

Elvis and Priscilla

A couple of days ago, one of Elvis’s most prized Cadillac cars was sold to a private collector: the 1967 red Coupe de Ville was sold for about $90,000, this being the car in which the King drove to Graceland after marrying Priscilla. The car is worth all the money: it is in perfect condition […]

The Duke-and-King Bond: Fact or Fiction?


Stephen King’s 1974 horror classic Carrie described the attitude of the school’s assistant principal to be like John Wayne from the perspective of the gym teacher. No big deal. The Duke’s distinctive cinema demeanor became a trademark during the era of his epic Westerns. However, when three more novels in the 1990s also had allusions […]

Elvis Presley – The King of Rock and Roll


Most of the kids today have a hard time understanding exactly why Elvis Presley is considered to be one of the best musicians of all time. That’s not really surprising since most of them woke up to the music of the younger artists today. One look at YouTube videos of Elvis Presley’s past performances, however, […]