Where Would Season-4-Plus-Jesse Have Taken Twaughthammer?

Twaughthammer, in all of its inglory.

I wanted so much more for Twaughthammer. Recently, I watched some of the minisodes that featured Jesse Pinkman’s ill-conceived metal/speed metal band. I thought they were predictable. Yes, it’s always nice to see Badger, not only alive but doing his thing with funny throwaway lines and the whole man-baby thing that Matt Jones absolutely crushes. […]

Breaking Bad: A Tragedy in Five Seasons

Breaking Bad Crop

When I first saw the poster for the fifth season of Breaking Bad, featuring Walt enthroned in the middle of his “fat stacks” with the caption “All Hail the King,” I saw it as confirmation of something I had suspected for some time: the story of Walt’s rise to power is a modern-day Shakespearean tragedy. […]

What if Walter White Had Never “Broken Bad?”

BB Walt Money Feature

Back in the prime of my comic book collecting days, one of my favorite series was titled, What If…?  The premise was simple: take any pivotal moment in the publisher’s comic universe and speculate what might have happened had the outcome of that moment been somehow different.  Considering the enjoyment I derived from reading those […]

When All is Said and Done, How Many Bodies will be Left in Walt’s Wake?

BB Cast Feature

We’re all anticipating the final episodes of Breaking Bad.  Knowing we still have months ahead of us is nothing short of torturous.  Still, we can discuss the series, where the characters have gone, and where we think they’re going while we wait.  I’ve been thinking a lot about that first scene in Season 5, Episode […]