A Look Beyond The Mask

Jason's Mask

Friday the 13th, the 2009 reboot, was not like the fans wanted it to be, from many points of view. One of the main criticisms brought to the film was that it lacked (for most of it) the iconic hockey mask, which became synonymous to Jason Voorhees (much like the glove represented Freddy Krueger and […]

Jason Voorhees: The Best Of

Jason in the woods

Even if you are not talking about the slasher franchise, uttering the words Friday the 13th immediately makes you think about Jason Voorhees. And you must admit this: when the first film appeared back in 1980, making such a known date a brand of your own was a stroke of genius. But leaving this aside, […]


Jason Voorhees

Like its vicious main character, the Friday the 13th franchise is unkillable. After 12 movies (including a crossover with A Nightmare on Elm Street) and after a reboot in 2009 (and a pretty successful one, from the box-office point of view), Jason Voorhees will be back next year, in yet another film. Next year will […]