Clint’s Heart to Heart with Son Scott

photo credit: Thomas Hawk via photopin cc

Clint Eastwood recently offered his son, Scott some valuable advice. They shared a few moments together. Scott has definitely decided to follow in the wake of his father and has said this to NBC’s “Today, “his dad was more concerned about what sort of person he’d become.” In another interview, Scott said, “My dad didn’t […]

Top 10 Best Clint Eastwood Box Office Hits

Super Actor

If you know your movies, then Clint Eastwood is part of your knowledge. Unforgiven, Space Cowboys and Dirty Hairy are some of his hits, it is nearly impossible to talk about great movies without mentioning his beloved name. This legendary actor and director entertained audiences since 1955 in the move “Revenge of the Creature.” Throughout […]

Clint Eastwood and His Place in Hollywood


Clint Eastwood (born Clinton Eastwood Jr.) is one of the greatest Hollywood artists ever. With hundreds of movies as both a cast member and as a director, his career, which spans for more than 5 decades, is something that is plain and simple hard to top. Not only did he make movies that made him […]