Four Elements And A Cabbie

Bruce Willis is Korben Dallas

In The Fifth Element we see two main characters trying to save the world: one is the ever-lovely (and half-nude) Leeloo and the other one is Korben Dallas, the not so average ex-military who is now a cabbie (ex-cabbie starting from the beginning of the film). Leeloo is played by Milla Jovovich, in her biggest […]

Bruce – Always The Hero, Never The Sidekick


Bruce Lee’s career in America started not with his roles when he screamed so high-pitched that only dolphins could hear him, but with a little series called The Green Hornet. In it, he was supposed to be the secondary character Kato, the valet and the sidekick of playboy Britt Reid, better known as the Green […]

Our John Wayne Love Affair


What is it about the Duke, John Wayne, that Americans and the whole world loved and still love? It’s got to be more than the good movies he made. I mean, just this year, 34 years after his death, John Wayne finished sixth in the Harris Poll of America’s Favorite Actors. Think about that for […]