What Great Things Joss Whedon’s Firefly Accomplished Best


Firefly is one TV series that had successfully transported us from the comforts of our sofas right into the thick of the action in a futuristic universe set against a classic Western-ish background. While it gave us a new world to dream upon, it has also accomplished so many great things that fans and casual […]

Firefly Fans, You Might Have Missed These


It has been an eternity since the rowdy and cunning Captain Reynolds and his crew last soared throughout space. Whenever you look around, “Browncoats” are still turning out in hordes during various events, like “Can’t Stop the Serenity.” If you belong to the group or just a newcomer into this wonderful world, there might be […]

Starwinds vs. Browncoats

The shot that rang out as a thousand "ripoff!"'s across the internet

When I wrote my article my article about Firefly and Cowboy Bebop, it had slipped my mind that since Firefly’s genesis, it’s been called not merely similar to, but a rip-off of an anime called Outlaw Star. Firefly, a rip off? What a load of gosa, right? Well to some people who watched Outlaw Star […]

Cowboys vs. Brown Coats…


…or “West Meets East Meets East Meets West.” Before Firefly made it’s debut, there was an anime called Cowboy Bebop, directed by Shinichiro Wantanabe, that was also a space western. Today we’ll be comparing and contrasting the two shows. Before we begin, I would like to give a shout out to a great critic by the […]

Firefly: Damsel in Distress


Joss Whedon created a show that everyone who watches it connects to somehow. One basic literary necessity is the ‘damsel in distress’. All stories have some form of damsel in distress.  The story of a ship called Serenity is no exception.  However, Joss Whedon’s brilliance is in how these damsels, this distress, is portrayed.  And though […]

Where Are They Now? The Maincast of Firefly Edition


Since Serenity we haven’t seen the cast of Firefly back in the ‘verse, so just what has the crew been up to? Let’s start with The Captain. Most of you probably know about Fillion’s role in Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, but he also had a cameo in another hit web series  starring Felicia Day called […]

Review – The Shepherd’s Tale


The sudden cancellation of Firefly left many mysteries unsolved. Who were the Hands of Blue? Why were they willing to murder their own Alliance comrades? What happened in the years between Objects in Space and Serenity? But the most pressing issue was the identity of Shepherd Book. His proficiency with guns and seemingly important status within […]

Who is Shepard Book?


Have you ever wanted to go back into a situation and be a fly on the wall?  See what was happening on the other guy’s end of the story? I have. Like all of you, I ask myself, “Who is Shepard Book?” What do we know?   Shepard Book: Was a priest for a long […]

Firefly Fly Cast Appearances For 2013

Firefly Cosplayers

Are you having trouble finding other Browncoats in your area to discuss your favorite Firefly quotes, merchandise, and characters with? Do you dream of actually meeting the actors behind the characters as well? Don’t worry I have just the thing; It’s called a convention. But just what is a convention? You may have heard of […]

No Stone Unturned: The Many Cultures of Firefly


One of the most important, yet least talked-about aspects of Firefly is the genesis of the Alliance – or to use it’s full name, the Sino-American Alliance. However, Asian culture is a huge part of the ‘Verse – yes, more than just colourful profanity. The fusion of Wild West-esque saloons and bars (and brothels, in […]