Funny Firefly Moments

Firefly cast

While brief, Firefly did have its funny moments, funniness which comes from the many lines which can be quoted over and over (such as weird and unexpected expressions to stating the obvious). But which of these scenes/quotes are the funniest ones? In War Stories, there is a scene in which Zoe prevents the crew for […]

The Firefly Episode That Wasn’t Made

Inara in Serenity

A couple of years ago, during a Firefly reunion special, Gina Torres (Zoë Washburne) said that there’s nothing like a scifi fan, like warm honey, poured all over you. And, if we are talking about Firefly fans, then barrels of honey are indeed needed. However, during the same reunion, producer Tim Minear revealed some of […]

Fusing Western With Space-Opera


While Joss Whedon was already a house-hold name (sort of) with Buffy and Angel, he became the god all the geeks pray to only after Firefly debuted. It was a bold move proposing such a concept, even if it must have been forced (as the writer/director said, he was supposed to come up with a […]

Firefly Online

Morena Baccarin is Inara Serra

This year’s New York Comic Con has brought quite a few surprises for all the Firefly fans. While the series will surely remain just a one season hit, that doesn’t mean that the universe it described can’t be expanded any further. So, as said, this year has brought the announcement that the cast of Firefly […]

Firefly Clue for the Serious Fan


Once a cult classic takes hold, it really takes hold on its fans. USAopoloy released two fully licensed games of Firefly last month. They released Firefly Clue and Firefly Yahtzee. Many times a show may hit the gaming venue and flop very hard, but as popular as Firefly, this release will make great Christmas gifts […]

Summer Glau Career Trip after Firefly


Summer Glau’s most recognizable role to date is River Tam from Firefly. Glau survived the collapse of Firefly. She has moved on to other roles in her career. The fallout of Firefly by Joss Whedon was not necessarily a good event for her career. The embittered miss releasing episodes and other crap lead to the […]

Firefly, Facts that you now must know

photo credit: Marco Bellucci via photopin cc

Hot Rumors Now there is a rumor that there is an anime version of firefly. I am here to set this straight. There is a similar show called Outlaw Star that has the same concept. They are not the same show. They will be continuing firefly in a comic book form. This is good. They […]

Facts You Never Really Notice in Trash and Bushwacked

missed facts from firefly

Season 1 Episode 12: Trash All right Kaylee is dangling for her life while reprogramming the garbage can cool spot in the episode right. Let us take a closer look. Check out the screen. It has a windows desktop on it.  This is at 21:41 on the time index.  Ok the time moves on and […]

Interesting and Fun Facts About Firefly

Firefly, the sci-fi television series

Firefly lasted for just one year, from 2002 to 2003. It was about some people in a spaceship traveling the galaxy, five-hundred-years in the future. These people were just trying to survive while traveling throughout the galaxy and avoiding different things and other space travelers out to get them. There are probably a lot of […]

The Saddest Moment of Firefly – Mr. Whedon, You’re a Genius


Episode 13, Heart of Gold; Petaline is about to have a baby, a dominating, above-the-law, male-chauvinist named Rance is about to take the baby, and the crew of Firefly are setting up to save the baby and the day. Petaline and her peers live with their House Mother, Nandi on a large land plot outside […]