Some Tom Waits Stories

Tom Waits

Tom Waits has always been interested in, well, things that wouldn’t interest other people. As he said in one of his interviews, his favorite sound is the sound of bacon frying in a pan – how many of us would have said that? Did we even notice this sound? And if we did, didn’t we […]

Some Interesting (and Funny) I Love Lucy Facts

I Love Lucy

Everybody loves Lucy, whether it is Lucy Ricardo or Lucille Ball. But did you know these? You were not the only one to have enjoyed her show. When on tour, the king of Rock and Roll himself watched the episodes. Elvis said that when he was travelling through America in 1954 he didn’t want to […]

ALF Facts You Didn’t Know


Just like today, countless of sitcom ideas were presented back then to the studios and the best of them were ordered a pilot, to see how it performs with the audiences. This was also the case of ALF – Paul Fusco came up with this idea in 1984 and pitched it to Disney and Muppet-creator […]