A Fond Look at Sophia Petrillo

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Golden Girls always had its fans in tears from laughing or even from the heartwarming moments. The energies of the stars made the show, click on a deeper level than many other shows during the mid-80s. Bea Arthur, Betty White, Rue McClanahan and Estelle Getty each brought a certain level of charm and charisma to […]

Nothing to Fear but Death Itself

The one and only Estelle Getty

We have had many conversations, rather, I have and you have read about how awesomely amazing the Golden Girls truly were!  Both on screen and off, we have a certain love affair with them!  We have talked about how no one else in this world could possibly do the job that they have done as […]


A young Estelle Getty

There is much to learn about our beloved Estelle Getty!  One thing we do know is that she was incredible, especially as our favorite golden mother, Sophia Petrillo! In our favorite TV series of all time, Estelle’s character, Sophia was a witty, sharp tongued, sarcastic, firecracker of a woman!  She made us laugh almost to […]

Part of the Magic…

Estelle Getty[1]

So, who is your favorite Golden Girl?  How many of you love Sophia?  Whether she is your favorite GG or not, you cannot deny loving Estelle for her portrayal of the witty, outspoken and sarcastic Sophia Petrillo!  I cannot even begin to imagine what The Golden Girls would have been like without Sophia or worse […]