Lock Stock and Barrel


As an EJAMI fan who has waited for six long years for my favorite couple to get together, I am highly disappointed in what the writers are calling “lock, stock and barrel”. Am I excited that they are FINALLY engaged? YES! Of course I am! … Am I relieved that at long last, there are […]

Tired of the Same Old Storylines – Ready for EJAMI


The new/old writing team seems to have a thing for repeating past storylines.  I can’t be the only viewer who has been feeling a sense of déjà vu as of late.  MARDAR had clearly moved us away from some of the old tired storylines and were taking us in a forward motion, towards something bigger […]

Rafe & Nicole: Like Minds

Am I the only person who  noticed that both Rafe and Nicole only seemed to think about Sydney at Christmas time?  They both went out of their way to buy a special gift for the child… but did NOTHING for any of her siblings, even though they were just as big a part of each […]