Duke University Wins Round over Legacy Name

photo credit: twm1340 via photopin cc

The battle over the name “Duke” started in 2005 between John Wayne enterprises and Duke University in North Carolina. Since 05, the heirs of John Wayne have tried to trademark the name “Duke” unsuccessfully. The University complained last year over the heirs tried to market the name “Duke” on alcoholic beverages. The University complained the […]



What is it that first draws it to the western? Or for that matter is it the story, the folklore, the actors perhaps or just the plain and simple thought that life was truly better then? For me it is a combination of all of those reasons and so much more. But the real question […]

Fifty Shades Of Wayne


Much has been made of the popularity of the Fifty Shades of Grey book series as several news stories have detailed its popularity among housewives and soccer moms.  Over 65 million copies of the first steamy volume have been sold worldwide and sales have outpaced even the Harry Potter series in paperback.  Many are anticipating […]