Lock Stock and Barrel


As an EJAMI fan who has waited for six long years for my favorite couple to get together, I am highly disappointed in what the writers are calling “lock, stock and barrel”. Am I excited that they are FINALLY engaged? YES! Of course I am! … Am I relieved that at long last, there are […]

Chloe Needs Brady!


Over the years, Chloe and I have had a love hate relationship… Sometimes I love her, and sometimes I hate her.  She all but destroyed Phillip after she got so full of herself… I absolutely LOVED Chloe with Brady back when Kyle Lowder played him… their natural chemistry and voices mixed together in song made me happy. […]

Jennifer: Lucky or Not so Much?


I have stop and wonder if Jennifer Rose is the luckiest woman in the world that she has her very own renound surgeon at her disposal to continually save her life; or the most UNLUCKY woman ever, for constantly finding herself in need of his magical surgical abilities… Seriously… since Jennifer has come back on the show, […]

A Special 2013 Christmas Episode


What if you were given the opportunity to write your own DOOL Christmas episode and all cast and crew were asked to commit to the moment? What have you always wanted to see in a scene? Or perhaps it’s not a what but a who? What if you could have anyone star and take the […]

Why DOOL Was So Much Better Before


After 47 years the Brady’s and the Horton’s and then some, are still at it. Okay, so this is the longest running T.V. soap, and granted during its heyday the screenplay was to cry for. But nowadays, well Days of Our Lives (DOOL) just seems DULL.   Favorite Plots Out of all the oldies but […]

Days of Our Lives Facts and Trivia

days of our lives

Days of Our Lives has been running almost every weekday in the U.S. since it first aired November 8,1965.  Here are some items you may not know or may not remember about the series: “The show started as 30 minutes and then was increased to 1 hour April 21, 1975. From the day it started […]

Why I Love Sami And EJ!

sami and ej

 On May 30, 2006, I gasped when EJ Wells opened his apartment door clad only in a towel to come face-to-face with Samantha Brady. As an avid Salem watcher, I knew I was in for a ride. Since that fateful day, EJ and Sami have had ups and downs to equal that of any roller […]