We Miss You Don Knotts: 9th Anniversary of His Passing

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We Miss You Don Knotts: 9th Anniversary of His Passing Funny man Jesse Donald Knotts passed away nearly nine years ago. The ninth anniversary is coming up soon and it is a time to remember one of the funniest people on television. Ranked #27 by TV Guide in 1996 as one of the greatest TV […]

Funny Man in the South Pacific

Live and in Charge

When WWII came, Don’s education was interrupted for a brief time for a stint with the Army Special Services Branch, entertaining the troops in the South Pacific as a comedian in the Stars and Gripes revue. Following demobilization, Don returned to college, graduating with a degree in theater in 1948.Don Knox’s was in the military […]

Go Home…Take a Little Nap…Then go Over to Thelma Lou’s to Watch TV!


Whenever my best friend Chris and I have conversations on the telephone, it often leads to discussing all of the stresses and challenges we are facing.  Jobs, kids, ex-wives, finances, and car problems are often part of the wide-range of issues that frequently dominate our chat time.     However, it isn’t long before one of us […]