Shocking The Fans With Doctor Who

John Hurt in Doctor Who

Dark Waters – this will be an episode to remember, and not just because of the shocking death of Danny Pink. In this episode, we also saw how the world spins around the Doctor, not always in his favor. However, what other shocking moments did we witness in the world of Doctor Who? The first […]

Doctor Who: A Game And A Book

12 Doctors 12 Stories

Now the kids can also enjoy the best of Doctor Who: a new game is launched by BBC, an educative game called The Doctor and the Dalek. With this game, the children can learn the basics of programming: in other words, prepare your child for the future, because the future is here. Now, when reading […]

Missy – The Genius of Steven Moffat


Steven Moffat has brought new kinds of story-arcs to Doctor Who, story arcs which aren’t limited by a single interpretation. Many a times the same story could have been watched from different points of view, perspectives which are perfectly available and which have a great significance for our own present times. Such is the case […]

The Oddness of Doctor Who

Matt Smith and Peter Capaldi

In one of his many interviews after becoming a mind behind the Doctor Who genial scripts, Steven Moffat has said something which may have sound a bit disturbing for the fans: Doctor Who cannot be played by an attractive actor. Of course, he did add that he was talking about a conventional attractiveness. For him, […]

Kill the Moon: About Responsibility

Doctor Who in Kill the Moon

While the recent Kill the Moon is considered one of the worst episodes since the Doctor regenerated and borrowed the face of Peter Capaldi, there are still some things that can be saved from it, some statements that should be emphasized for what they mean for our current society: after all is said and done, […]

Doctor Who – A Very Frost-y Christmas Special

Peter Capaldi is Doctor Who

Come to think about it, it makes sense casting Nick Frost in the Christmas special episode of Doctor Who. This is actually the idea executive producer Steven Moffat expressed: if Frost isn’t during Christmas… Leaving the joke aside, the producer also said that he has previously worked with the actor (The Adventures of Tintin in […]

Doctor Who: Fear The Fear Itself

Doctor Who: Listen

In a world where we are used to project our fears on palpable objects or beings, what can one do when we are left with no one to point our finger at? This phrase sums up the best a recent episode of Doctor Who, Listen, an episode when we are told that the boogeyman exists, […]