Nicholas And Sharon Newman: Genoa City’s Destiny Couple

Sharon and Nicholas Newman

The Young and the Restless Nicholas and Sharon Newman are Genoa City’s destiny couple. High school sweethearts and soul mates, bound for eternity. Yet, circumstances have pushed these two star-crossed lovers to be little less than formable enemies. As much as Nikki and Victor belong together, so do Nicolas and Sharon. So, what brought them […]

The Y&R is One Paradoxical Masterpiece


The Young and the Restless is as a phenomenon on television as it is a cultural phenomenon. It is one of the biggest—if not already being the biggest—dramas on TV, with a single core plot spanning two generations, for three decades and counting. Which leads one to think—how can such hate spawn so much… well, […]

General Hospital Shake Up


One of The US’ longest running soap opera – General Hospital – definitely has its viewers at the edge of their seats. Another year is ending and marks an interesting chapter for this soap. In one of the more recent episodes, there have been alliances forming around some of the characters while others have it […]

Why DOOL Was So Much Better Before


After 47 years the Brady’s and the Horton’s and then some, are still at it. Okay, so this is the longest running T.V. soap, and granted during its heyday the screenplay was to cry for. But nowadays, well Days of Our Lives (DOOL) just seems DULL.   Favorite Plots Out of all the oldies but […]

The Yawn and the Resourceless?


Okay, picture this. In a fairly large city, there lives a wealthy old couple with two adult kids, both of whom had healthy relationships with their spouses. Only, the wealthy old couple wasn’t originally wealthy—only the old man is. The old woman was originally a stripper, but the wealthy old man loved her anyway. He […]

General Hospital Then And Now


You all know that General Hospital has been around for a very long time and has even garnered a lot of awards. Tagged as one of the longest running American soap operas, General Hospital has become a staple for many television enthusiasts. But as the years pass, there have been a lot of drastic changes […]

Avery, Nick and Phyllis Love Triangle

YR 2

Everybody knows that ‘The Young and The Restless’ is one of the longest running television soaps in the United States today. And if you are a fan or an avid viewer of this show, you must be familiar with the show’s current hottest love triangle – well, it is actually somewhat of a square if […]

GH: Reappearance of the Old Cast

Duke 2

The recent episodes of the General Hospital have been through a complete turnaround, and it’s definitely a great thing (or not so much). With the appearance of Cesar Faison and Robert Scorpio, the audience is given the assurance that all the subsequent episodes will even be more appetizing. The return of the old cast will […]

Sharon and Chelsea Go Toe-to-Toe Over Adam

Sharon Chelsea 2

When it comes to The Young & the Restless, the ever dynamic love triangle between Chelsea, Adam, and Sharon has always had me sitting at the edge of my seat. You see, their triangle is one of the things that always keeps me intrigued and guessing as to what will be happening next. Recently, I […]

Jason’s And Sam’s Love Story: What Happens Now

Jasam 2

Despite Jason’s unsolved murder and apparent exit from General Hospital, a lot of fans, including myself think that Steve Burton’s sudden disappearance from the soap is a great loss. In fact, many are still hoping that he would reappear and be with Sam again since their love story is one of the best on the […]