Explosive Turns on the Young and the Restless


I admit, I am quite the soap fan, but yes, I am not the biggest fan of Young and the Restless. Let’s just say that the letters Y and R do not elicit that much excitement in me as the word ’Days’ or the letters ‘G’ and ‘H’. But then, my mom told me about […]

Should It Be EJ or Rafe for Sami?

sami rafe featured

This is quite difficult to answer, and for the past seasons, I have to admit: Sami is really one lucky girl. Imagine, having two of the most beautiful men in Salem fighting over her! I mean, I won’t even get into Lucas, Austin, and Brandon, all of whom were married to her! Plus Franco, Alan […]

Will Liam and Hope Ever Get Back Together?

hope featured bold and beautiful

The answer to the title is an unequivocal yes, at least for me. I mean, do we even have to debate on that? Liam and Hope are practically what soap operas are!  They are the lifeblood of these shows: a pair of star-crossed lovers who are continually separated by a gazillion factors. I don’t even […]

General Hospital’s John Ingle (Quartermaine) A Fine Character

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Edward Quartermaine – One of the most memorable characters on General Hospital – passed away last September 16th.  Well, the actor playing him – John Ingle – passed away. Ingle played the character of Edward around 1993 after David Lewis (the original Edward) left the show. Until his death, Ingle was still the one playing […]

Team EJ or Team Rafe?


So, I am loving what’s going on in Days of Our Lives. Well, not all the storylines, but the particular angle on Rafe, Sami, and EJ. What I love about it is the realness of the story. After all the recasting, kidnapping, amnesias, divorces, and switched babies that happen in all soap operas, (yes, even […]

In Defense of Victor Newman (Not That He Needs It, Anyway)


Victor Newman – which soap opera fan has not heard of him? Since the 1980s, he has been the patriarch of the Newman family. He is basically the premiere character of one of CBS’ longest running daytime soap operas, “The Young and the Restless“. Despite numerous changes in actors portraying different characters in the world […]

Will Jason Morgan Be the Same Without Steve Burton?

jason morgan and sam

Bad News?  Unless you  have been living under a rock or in a cave without TV, you know that Steve Burton is ending his 21 year stint as Jason Morgan on “General Hospital”.  A lot of you may remember the scare of Mr. Burton not renewing his contract in the early 2000s.  This time, it’s […]

Days of Our Lives Facts and Trivia

days of our lives

Days of Our Lives has been running almost every weekday in the U.S. since it first aired November 8,1965.  Here are some items you may not know or may not remember about the series: “The show started as 30 minutes and then was increased to 1 hour April 21, 1975. From the day it started […]

What We Know About Y&R


The original working title of the show was “The Innocent Years” The show debuted in March 1973 “The Young and the Restless” replaced “Where the Heart Is” which had been cancelled It was originally a 30 minute program and then went on to 1 hour The Young and the Restless is sometimes referred to at […]

The Bold and the Beautiful, What Do We Know?

bold and beautiful

When it was created “The Bold and the Beautiful” was originally titled Rags The show premiered March 23, 1987 In the CBS daytime soaps lineup “The Bold and the Beautiful” replaced the soap opera Capitol The show is just called Beautiful in Italy “The Bold and The Beautiful” is sometimes called just B&B In 1987 […]