Why Will Horton Deserves to be a Father

will horton

Now that the truth is (finally!) out regarding Gabi’s baby, and its biological parents, it’s time for Will Horton to step up to the plate as the rightful father of Gabi’s baby, especially given Nick’s cold attitude toward Will for being the man he is.  This writer feel that William Horton has a lot of […]

Nicole Walker: My, How Times Have Changed…


Nicole Walker is one of those characters that you want to hate because of what she does (and believe me, there could be a mile-long list), but love her at the same time.  She has suffered as much heartache and devastation as the next woman in Salem, and yet, still manages to find a way […]

Has Nick Really Changed?


Once again, Days has found a way to keep me hooked on this show.  Of course, there aren’t a lot of options now as to what soaps to watch, but I digress. While my first post on this blog was about how much I loved Gabi and Nick together, I have to say that after […]

Chloe Needs Brady!


Over the years, Chloe and I have had a love hate relationship… Sometimes I love her, and sometimes I hate her.  She all but destroyed Phillip after she got so full of herself… I absolutely LOVED Chloe with Brady back when Kyle Lowder played him… their natural chemistry and voices mixed together in song made me happy. […]

Abby and Chad: a Betrayal of Friendship, or Two Souls Lost in the Breeze?


Abby Deveraux seems to fall into the same rabbit hole her mom ends up in when it comes to men and dating.  Why is it that the Deveraux women are so lost when it comes to the name of love?  I wish I could have an answer for that. In Abigail’s case, first she developed […]

Tired of the Same Old Storylines – Ready for EJAMI


The new/old writing team seems to have a thing for repeating past storylines.  I can’t be the only viewer who has been feeling a sense of déjà vu as of late.  MARDAR had clearly moved us away from some of the old tired storylines and were taking us in a forward motion, towards something bigger […]

Jennifer: Lucky or Not so Much?


I have stop and wonder if Jennifer Rose is the luckiest woman in the world that she has her very own renound surgeon at her disposal to continually save her life; or the most UNLUCKY woman ever, for constantly finding herself in need of his magical surgical abilities… Seriously… since Jennifer has come back on the show, […]

Sandwiched Between Love and Lust


For as long as I’ve been watching Days, it always amazed me how lucky and yet how unlucky Sami Brady got in the love department.  She’d fall for a man, they’d grow to love each other, sometimes getting as far as the altar, while at other times she’d be left with a broken heart, and a bun […]

Rafe & Nicole: Like Minds

Am I the only person who  noticed that both Rafe and Nicole only seemed to think about Sydney at Christmas time?  They both went out of their way to buy a special gift for the child… but did NOTHING for any of her siblings, even though they were just as big a part of each […]

Feeling Sorry For Brady…


You know, the more I watch the show, the more I really feel for this poor guy.  Over the years, he has fallen for a woman who eventually turned him into a drug addict (Chloe)… Then for a woman who keeps fooling him into believing that she has changed, while using him and then hurting […]