Signed Fatally Yours: Barnabas-Josette-Angelique


As soap operas go, we can expect to see a super couple emerge or a couple with “Romeo and Juliet” syndrome who are doomed to be apart…you know, that old chestnut. With Dark Shadows we have that and more in the form of Barnabas and Josette. These lovers were happy until the day love spurned […]

Life After Collinwood


Actors all dream of making it big in their chosen media, be it small screen or big screen. Dark Shadows sparked or elevated the careers of the actors on this cult series. Success for Kate Jackson was explosive. Her appearance as Quentin’s love Daphne Harridge on Dark Shadows, introduced us to this young beauty. As […]

Why I Loved Angelique Bouchard!

angelique bouchard

I was already attracted to the horror genre as a young child in the mid ’80s, so you can imagine my joy when I discovered reruns of the classic television series “Dark Shadows.” The shows were timed perfectly so that I could watch them after school, and my parents were glad that I was finally […]