The Birth of Barnabas

Barnabas Collins

The teenagers went nuts when we brought Jonathan on. That’s when the show took off. This is what Joseph Caldwell (one of the original writers of Dark Shadows) said about bringing Barnabas Collins as a main character. According to the writer, the producers wanted a vampire that would appeal to the teenagers, which would get […]

Casting Shadows

Barnabas Collins

The audience didn’t receive Dark Shadows too well when it began airing – it was just another soap-opera, with a so-and-so plot, which differentiated itself from others just by having a gothic feel. Unsurprisingly, for the series to find success, something needed to be done. And thus Barnabas Collins entered the scene, bringing with him […]

Introducing The Supernatural

Dark Shadows

Not at all a total success from the very beginning, Dark Shadows originally aired for just 5 years – but because it had one episode on each weekday, it had managed to amass 1,225 episodes, which makes it one of the longest television shows (it has even more episodes than the entire Doctor Who series). […]

Barnabas – The Romantic Vampire

Dark Shadows' Barnabas Collins

There was a time when vampires were creatures of darkness, always craving for blood, always feared, always up to no good. They were tragic figures, most of the times, but this didn’t mean anything when they were out on the prowl. They obtained whatever they wanted (it doesn’t matter if it was revenge or the […]

Dark Shadows: The Gothic Soap-Opera

Dark Shadows

It is a common knowledge nowadays that a successful TV series needs to have various arcs which span over several episodes, as many subplots as possible and good character development. And, as much as some hate to admit it, this is also the line followed by many soap-operas. While the term soap-opera is usually used […]

Funniest Audio Bloopers from Dark Shadows TV Series


Video editing was very expensive when the episodes for the Dark Shadows TV series were being recorded. As a result, all of the episodes were recorded live-to-tape with no editing whatsoever. Even when the actors made a mistake or there was a prop or audio problem, the actors kept acting and the crew kept on […]

Dark Shadows TV Bloopers and Mistakes


When Dark Shadows was still being aired on TV during the 1960s, there were some TV bloopers and mistakes in some of the episodes that you might have not noticed while watching the show. All of the Dark Shadows episodes were recorded live-to-tape, so the cast had to keep acting even when they made a […]

Enter the Werewolf: New Monster, Same Story?


In November, 1968, several story lines were winding down on Dark Shadows. Man-made creature Adam killed his mate, Eve, in episode 626.  After a failed attempt to return her to life in episode 633, he wandered off into the woods for the final time.  (He was last mentioned in episode 637.)  Sorcerer Nicholas Blair was […]

The Continuity of Time Travel


When Dark Shadows first aired in the mid-to-late 1960′s, it’s doubtful the cast and crew envisioned a day when the episodes they produced would be watched and re-watched under the intense scrutiny of its fans.  On one hand, since individual episodes would probably be seen only once, there was no long term need to pay […]

The Vampire’s Match: The Possession of Maggie Evans

Maggie Evans 2

In The Dark Shadows Companion, Lara Parker (Angelique) remembers her first day on the show. One of the show’s blossoming new stars, Kathryn Leigh Scott (who played Barnabas Collins’ first obsession Maggie Evans and her historical doppleganger Josette Du Pres) reassured Parker, saying ‘You won’t get to perfect your art on this show, but you […]