A Few of Jessica Fletcher’s Adventures

jessica fletcher

Over the course of twelve seasons, two hundred sixty four episodes, Jessica Fletcher (Angela Lansbury) of “Murder She Wrote” was involved in numerous cases. Here are a few of my favorites: Season 1 Episode 16 “Tough Guys Don’t Die”  In this episode Jerry Orbach (Law & Order) is a guest star playing a private detective, […]

Breaking Bad: Gliding over All

breaking bad money

“Gliding over All” GLIDING o’er all, through all, Through Nature, Time, and Space, As a ship on the waters advancing, The voyage of the soul–not life alone, Death, many deaths I’ll sing. –Walt Whitman This week’s episode of Breaking Bad, aptly titled “Gliding over All,” wraps up the first half of the final season by […]

Who Was Tougher Than Walker Texas Ranger?

walker texas ranger

For his many fans Saturday night TV was the evening they looked forward to all week,  The action packed “Walker, Texas Ranger” came on that night and fans, mostly males young or old, loved to watch it.  Each week brought a seemingly endless supply of crimes for the Rangers, namely Walker,  to solve. Chuck Norris […]

A Bad Future

dinner scene breaking bad

By: Leigh M. Lane This week’s episode of Breaking Bad, “Buyout,” seemed to be all about setting up for the final ten.  While it opened with a wrap-up of last week’s episode, the team cleaning up Todd’s mess with yet more barrels of hydrofluoric acid, much of the rest of it seemed written to offer […]

Why We Loved Jessica Fletcher!

jessica fletcher

Remember an attractive, soft spoken, energetic older lady who never looked for trouble yet managed to solve a murder mystery each week on TV for twelve seasons? Jessica Fletcher (Angela Lansbury) was a retired teacher, now a best selling author living in Cabot Cove, Maine.  She seemed a typical lady of her age who baked, […]

What if Hank Already Knows about Walt?

hank schrader

Warning: this article contains spoilers. In “Hazard Pay” (episode 503), Assistant Special Agent in Charge Merkert (Michael Shamus Wiles) talks to Hank and Gomey about how he never suspected that Gus Fring was a meth kingpin. Merkert is about to take a forced early retirement, and laments that he can’t believe that Fring was someone […]

Breaking Down: Skyler’s Plight

skyler white

by: Leigh Lane Last week, I did a rough character analysis of Walter White, comparing him to his fellow characters and offering possible insights to the disturbing reality behind his “breaking bad.”  This week, I’d like to take a look at Skyler’s character—a stark contrast to Walter—and the devastating effects his actions have had on […]

Perry Mason, Attorney Extraordinaire

perry mason

Probably the most successful defense attorney on TV to grace a court of law was Perry Mason (Raymond Burr)  Over the course of his career he lost very few of his almost 300 cases.  The original Perry Mason Show played on CBS from 1957 to 1966 and was based on stories by Earl Stanley Gardner. […]

Kojak: “Who Loves Ya Baby?”

kojak who loves ya baby

Who loves ya baby? Who can forget Lieutenant Theo Kojak (Telly Savalas) using this catchy line? He used it often when talking with a suspect or informant. Can you believe this swaggering, handsome, bald, Greek man was a sex symbol in the 70s? Kojak was always dressed in beautifully tailored suits. He dressed more like […]

Jim Rockford A Maverick Detective


The Rockford Files starring James Garner as Jim Rockford (full name James Scott Rockford) first aired on NBC September 13, 1974. If you check back on a 74 calendar you’ll find this was Friday the 13th. Each episode of the Rockford files opened with a recorded phone message on Rockford’s answering machine. “This is Jim […]