Gilligan’s Island: A Will, A Hunter and Vegetables

The Hunter 1967

A Will, A Hunter and Vegetables.  What do these have to do with Gilligan’s Island?  They are each the theme of one episode of the series.  Perhaps you remember these shows which are some of my favorites: “Pass The Vegetables Please”, 1966 One day when Gilligan is out fishing he hooks a crate of vegetable […]

Touched By An Angel Three Classic Episodes


Touched By an Angel is always an uplifting show.  The angels, Monica, Tess and Andrew devote themselves to trying to help their assignments find their way.  Here are a few of my favorite episodes: Till Death Do Us Part, 1999 Jordan Avery is about to turn 40 and his wife Molly plans a birthday party.  […]

Three Golden Girls Fun Episodes

golden girls at table

Watching an episode of the Golden Girls is always enjoyable.  These four gals have great outlooks on life.  Here are just three of the many shows I’ve really liked. The Days and Nights of Sophia Petrillo, 1988 This episode shows something of Sophia’s life outside the house and her three roommates.  One morning eighty two […]

Tyler Perry’s Meet the Browns


I just love watching “Meet The Browns” This sitcom is done on the same lines as Tyler Perry’s play and film with the same name.  Since both of those were great you already know the TV show will be fun before you ever see it.  If you want to laugh till you cry this is […]

Classic Episodes of Leave It To Beaver


One of our favorite kids to watch on TV was Beaver in the family sit-com “Leave It To Beaver”. Here are a few episodes you may remember. “Beaver Takes a Bath”, Season 3, Episode 2, 1959.  June and Ward need to go on an overnight business trip.  At the last minute the babysitter had to […]

Boss Hogg’s a Nice Guy

boss hogg

Check out a few episodes of “The Dukes of Hazzard”.  Do you remember an episode when Boss Hogg was, for a short time, a nice guy? Series 7, Episode 5, 1984 “No More Mr. Nice Guy” Daisy is notified she has won a prize from the Capital City Department Store for being their one-millionth customer.  […]

Some Barney Miller Trivia

Barney Miller

How much do you know about the squad headed by Barney Miller in the 12th precinct in Greenwich Village in New York Most episodes took place either in the Detective’s squad room at the precinct or in Barney Miller’s office The squad was located in the 12th precinct sometimes referred to as the old one […]

We Loved Them Dukes, But Why?

bo and luke duke

Why was the Dukes Of  Hazzard so popular back in it’s day? I think it was simply because it was a show that was good clean fun.  It came on Friday nights when kids were home and happy to be looking forward to the weekend.  I know I remember looking forward to the end of […]

Golden Girls Four Great Friends

Golden Girls

The Golden Girls was one of the best comedy series of the late 80s early 90s.   Each week these  four wonderful women handled whatever problem came into their lives. The four ladies had all been previously married and now they are of a certain age and live together in Blanche’s home in Florida.   Dorothy is […]

Fans Love Madea’s Witness Protection!


It was late one night last summer, and I was winding down after a long day at work. I was flipping through the channels when I came across a movie that grabbed my attention. It was called “Meet the Browns,” and one of the characters in the film was a sassy elderly lady that seemed […]