Jake Spoon (Character in the Spotlight): Rake, Rambler, Even Killer… But Bad?


Jake’s appearance that sunny morning on the Hat Creek Ranch, accompanying Deets on his way back from town, is the spark that ignites the firestorm of events that affect every character in the Lonesome Dove saga.  After ten years of separation from his fellow rangers, the affable Jake returns to his friends, a wanted man […]

John Wayne: The Role Model


I love movies, and have always looked for role models from the silver screen.  And when it comes to positive role models, John Wayne rises to the top of the list.  His characters epitomize doing what’s right, standing up for yourself and those weaker than you, telling the truth, keeping your word, and being a […]

Our John Wayne Love Affair


What is it about the Duke, John Wayne, that Americans and the whole world loved and still love? It’s got to be more than the good movies he made. I mean, just this year, 34 years after his death, John Wayne finished sixth in the Harris Poll of America’s Favorite Actors. Think about that for […]

Dark Shadows: Pursuing and Protecting the Family Jewels

DS 1

Anyone who has seen Tim Burton’s 2012 version of Dark Shadows will have noticed that it seems to deploy humor over horror. As a fan of the classic DS, I cringed when I first saw the trailers. And yet, while at first I was highly skeptical about this move – maybe even a little heartbroken […]

Love Lessons from Ernest T. Bass

ernest t bass 1

Valentine’s Day is coming up soon. If you are a man, and single, perhaps you are looking for a special lady with whom you can celebrate this big day. Sadly, not all of us can be a lady-killer like Barney Fife. Indeed, most of us can only dream of being a suave playboy like ol’ […]

Baer of a Mayor


One of the many reasons I enjoy watching The Andy Griffith Show is because of the various actors who appeared on it as guest stars or in supporting roles. There were many notable performers that appeared as citizens and visitors to Mayberry. Some of these men and women had careers that went back to the […]

The Colorful Friends of Mayberry

andy-colorful friends

When I was a kid, I didn’t much care for the color episodes that made up the last three seasons of The Andy Griffith Show. These shows just never seemed as good to me to me as the earlier black and white episodes. As I got into my teens, I realized that what really bothered […]

What ‘School Violence’ In Mayberry Looked Like


I am 52 years old and can remember a kinder, gentler, easier going era, where people didn’t take guns into an elementary school and murder innocent children.  As I watched the news coverage of the Connecticut tragedy, I couldn’t help but think of the town of Mayberry. You know how when you are being too […]