Wonder Woman Despises Sex Object Status

Wonder Woman

Beautiful women in any culture often become objects of desire, and no less has been said of Lynda Carter. This magnificent actress retains a certain iconic symbolism in American Culture that started back in Wonder Woman and stayed with her ever since. Some other women who fit the boot from the 1970s included Cheryl Tiegs, […]

Firefly, Facts that you now must know

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Hot Rumors Now there is a rumor that there is an anime version of firefly. I am here to set this straight. There is a similar show called Outlaw Star that has the same concept. They are not the same show. They will be continuing firefly in a comic book form. This is good. They […]

Vince Gilligan: Before Breaking Bad

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George Vincent Gilligan Jr, born February 10, 1967 is a known American writer, producer and director. His most well-known project was Breaking Bad. He also worked on the Lone Gunmen and the X-Files. His future endeavors include Battle Creek and Better Call Saul. Who was Vince Gilligan before Breaking Bad? Mr. Gilligan born to a […]

Facts You Never Really Notice in Trash and Bushwacked

missed facts from firefly

Season 1 Episode 12: Trash All right Kaylee is dangling for her life while reprogramming the garbage can cool spot in the episode right. Let us take a closer look. Check out the screen. It has a windows desktop on it.  This is at 21:41 on the time index.  Ok the time moves on and […]

Where is Walter White Now

Darker Side

Where is Walter White (Bryan Cranston) now after the show ended on September 29, 2013? This critically acclaimed show ran for five seasons on the AMC network. The main character Walter White was a struggling high school chemistry teacher who was diagnosed with inoperable cancer. He decides to shift gears to provide for his family’s […]

Meet Larry McMurtry of Lonesome Dove

Lonesome Dove

When most people think of Lonesome Dove, they think of the Miniseries or even the Movie. Lonesome Dove was a novel by Larry McMurtry before anything else. Who are this mysterious Larry McMurtry and what does have to do with Lonesome Dove? Come on this journey and discover some amazing gems behind the Lonesome Dove. […]

Johnny Cash’s Rolls Royce Up for Sale

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ABC bought Johnny Cash a 1970 Rolls Royce Silver Shadow LWB as part of opening up the “Johnny Cash Show”. That is sweet of a deal, own show and a free car to boot. Wish I had a show and a free Rolls Royce to tart around in. Barrett Jackson will be showing this Silver […]

5 Awesome Facts of Chuck Norris

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Chuck Norris is one amazing fellow, especially with the high-energy martial arts moves on Walker, Texas Ranger. While most people recognize Chuck Norris from his days as a Martial arts actor, he is an author as well. There are five other facts about him that will make your scratch your head. Some of his most […]

Inside Look at Kitt from Knight Rider

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Do you remember the original Kitt from Knight Rider that aired from September 26, 1982 to August 8, 1986? If not, you may be in a shock that you can build your own Kitt and drive it around town. It is not uncommon for movie fans and classic TV fans to build their replicas from […]

How to Tell if You’re Like Blanche Devereaux

Blanche Devereaux, the sex Goddess

Watching The Golden Girls is a favorite pastime for many people, even it is means watching reruns. We can never quite get enough of them, especially Blanche. Blanche is a saucy older woman who not only is funny but has sex appeal at the same time. Every time you turn around, she is going out […]