A Fond Look at Sophia Petrillo

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Golden Girls always had its fans in tears from laughing or even from the heartwarming moments. The energies of the stars made the show, click on a deeper level than many other shows during the mid-80s. Bea Arthur, Betty White, Rue McClanahan and Estelle Getty each brought a certain level of charm and charisma to […]

Leaving Behind a Legacy


Andy Griffith is a legend in all rights. His lost was a devastating blow to friends and fans alike back in 2012. As a TV legend, he has 53 credits to his name and as an actor; he earned 12 credits for appearances. This small town hero from Mount Airy, North Carolina left us a […]

Breaking Away from Lonesome Dove

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Tommy Lee Jones is known for his blockbusting movies such as The Fugitive, Under Siege, Men in Black and U.S Marshals broke away from Lonesome Dove in 1989. Mr. Jones graduated from Harvard with a Bachelor of Arts in English in 1969. Tommy moved to New York and made his Broadway in “A Patriot for […]

Summer Glau Career Trip after Firefly


Summer Glau’s most recognizable role to date is River Tam from Firefly. Glau survived the collapse of Firefly. She has moved on to other roles in her career. The fallout of Firefly by Joss Whedon was not necessarily a good event for her career. The embittered miss releasing episodes and other crap lead to the […]

We Miss You Don Knotts: 9th Anniversary of His Passing

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We Miss You Don Knotts: 9th Anniversary of His Passing Funny man Jesse Donald Knotts passed away nearly nine years ago. The ninth anniversary is coming up soon and it is a time to remember one of the funniest people on television. Ranked #27 by TV Guide in 1996 as one of the greatest TV […]

How did Wonder Woman become a TV Show

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Wonder women started its origins in a November 1975 American television movie entitled The New, Original Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman followed a 1974 TV. Movie starring played Cathy Lee Crosby as wonder women, who neither resembled the super-hero character, nor exhibited any clear super-human powers. John D F Black written and produced the show. In […]

RJ Mitte Speaks at UT this Week

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Roy Frank Mitte III will be speaking at the University of Tennessee this week as part of the National Disability Employment Awareness Month. Mr. Mitte is a representative for the National Disability Institute’s Real Economy Impact Tour. They work with low income disabled persons to help improve their financial situations. RJ is well known for […]

Duvall’s problems with lonesome dove

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Duval had a problem with the  Lonesome Dove cast. They need to make last moment casting changes.  His main problem with the casting was one small but pivotal role: that of Blue Duck. As you well, know Blue Duck returns to terrorize Gus and the other members of the Hat Creek Cattle Co. as they […]

Funny Man in the South Pacific

Live and in Charge

When WWII came, Don’s education was interrupted for a brief time for a stint with the Army Special Services Branch, entertaining the troops in the South Pacific as a comedian in the Stars and Gripes revue. Following demobilization, Don returned to college, graduating with a degree in theater in 1948.Don Knox’s was in the military […]

Writer thoughts on Golden Girls

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Marc Cherry was one of the main writers for golden girls in the last three seasons. He worked closely with Jamie Wooten. I have some of his thoughts here. He has constantly thought that Rose was the most difficult character to write He said it was a fine line,” Sometimes the writers could fall through […]