Oh Daniel, I Think it’s Time for You to See a Doctor…


Hey, Dan, for being a pretty good looking doc, you sure have some brain matter that needs medical attention—and fast!  I mean, your ex-wife comes back to Salem with Parker, claims (again) it’s yours, and you just fall for it hook, line and sinker, without running DNA tests or anything? Come on, already, you should […]

Chloe Needs Brady!


Over the years, Chloe and I have had a love hate relationship… Sometimes I love her, and sometimes I hate her.  She all but destroyed Phillip after she got so full of herself… I absolutely LOVED Chloe with Brady back when Kyle Lowder played him… their natural chemistry and voices mixed together in song made me happy. […]

Oh Chloe, Your Song Has Sung Its Last Chord….

blog 6

So word (okay, Soap Opera Digest) has it that Chloe Lane is coming back to Salem, and by the time this article goes live, she’s most likely graced our screens already. This writer, frankly, is yawning about it.  I liked Chloe at first, I did…..well, let me backtrack…..I liked her at first with Philip, but […]