Killing Henry Blake

Henry Blake played by McLean Stevenson

Without a doubt, M.A.S.H. set the bar pretty high for all the shows that followed, with multiple subplots during half-an-hour episodes, with comedy and drama mixed to great effect. But, during its 11 seasons, the series changed its cast many times, with some of the changes remaining in the history of all television shows – […]

Earl Hamner Storyteller

The Waltons

This year will see the release of the Earl Hamner Storyteller documentary, a film about the creator of The Waltons. As he said, a good storyteller will always be able to handle any kind of group and tell all kinds of stories – but this will be his story, told from the perspective of all […]

Where Are They Now? The Maincast of Firefly Edition


Since Serenity we haven’t seen the cast of Firefly back in the ‘verse, so just what has the crew been up to? Let’s start with The Captain. Most of you probably know about Fillion’s role in Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, but he also had a cameo in another hit web series  starring Felicia Day called […]