Gunsmoke – When Burt Reynolds Happened on the Set

Gunsmoke cast with a young Burt Reynolds

The Gunsmoke cast was nothing else than a family on the set, with everybody having a place for themselves, whether it was a leading role or not. And then the blacksmith half breed Quint appeared on the show, outshining some of the other actors. Burt Reynolds was a newcomer not just on the set, but […]

Gunsmoke Challenge


Test Your Knowledge by Taking the Gunsmoke Challenge and discover your Gunsmoke Skill Level and your honorary status in Dodge City Questions: 1- What years did Gunsmoke run? a. 1920-1930 b. 1929-1939 c. 1950-1972 d. 1955-1975 2- What years did the radio version of Gunsmoke run? a. 1900-1919 b. 1920-1932 c. 1952-1961 d. 1945-1950 3- […]