Bruce Lee’s Influence On The Genre

Bruce Lee

There is a reason why most people would answer Bruce Lee when asked about the most influential martial artist turned actor. His movies (as few as they were) were not just a success in his home country, but also shaped the way action heroes were perceived in America. Thus, the ‘80’s were completely changed, well […]

The Legend of Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee

Over the course of his life and especially later on after he founded Jeet Kune Do, Bruce Lee said many a times that martial arts aren’t necessarily for fighting, but for a better, healthier lifestyle. In a way, he said that when one begins practicing any type of martial art, one changes himself from the […]

Bruce – Always The Hero, Never The Sidekick


Bruce Lee’s career in America started not with his roles when he screamed so high-pitched that only dolphins could hear him, but with a little series called The Green Hornet. In it, he was supposed to be the secondary character Kato, the valet and the sidekick of playboy Britt Reid, better known as the Green […]

Bruce Lee – A Teaching

Bruce Lee

As Bruce Lee said many of times, the purpose of any martial art shouldn’t be to teach a man to defend himself or to attack another. The purpose would be to learn how to express yourself, no matter what the situation is. In other words, martial arts are all about learning how to be a […]

Do You Know Bruce?

Bruce, Linda and Brandon

After Seattle has declared that the 3rd of October will always be the official Bruce Lee Day, good news for the fans all over the world has arrived: the Wing Luke Museum inaugurated a new exhibit titled “Do You Know Bruce?” This new exhibit, opened last weekend, will offer new insight in the formative years […]