Breaking Bad: Why We Admire the Antagonist

Walter White

To have a steady scale of value is pretty commonsensical. And it actually works until… it doesn’t. There are moments of crisis when all conventions drop and they are exposed for what they truly are: artificial codes we are comfortable with because they keep us cozy. Filmmaking has rarely honored us with such a monumental […]

The Walter White in Each of Us

Walter White

There’s no doubt, Breaking Bad has been topping the bill of TV shows worldwide for several years now. I’ve occasionally asked myself what makes the series so successful. Taken separately, it’s not sex. It’s not violence. It’s not immoral behavior. And not even suspense that makes the drama to appealing to the public. In my […]

Breaking Bad: Vince Gilligan’s Take on Fans’ Theories

Breaking Bad

Perceptive fans of Breaking Bad have surely noticed how Walter White starts to exhibit behaviors initially specific to the characters he kills throughout the plot. This strange mimicry gives rise to controversy when Walt is featured plating his bacon on the occasion of his 52nd anniversary, just as Skyler did a year before. While generally […]

An Opening Sequence

Walter White white undies

3 minutes and 48 seconds – that is how long it took Breaking Bad to capture the attention of the viewers. That is how long the opening sequence of the first episode of the first season lasted: an RV, a confession, a gun, and some white undies. Even taken on its own (without what happened […]

Bob Odenkirk the Writer

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Robert John Odenkirk is much more than an actor. He started his career as a writer for Saturday Night Live. He worked with Robert Smigel and Conan O’Brien during his tenure. He acted in some small roles on the show. During his last year on SNL, he worked with Adam Sandler, David Spade, Chris Rock […]

RJ Mitte Speaks at UT this Week

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Roy Frank Mitte III will be speaking at the University of Tennessee this week as part of the National Disability Employment Awareness Month. Mr. Mitte is a representative for the National Disability Institute’s Real Economy Impact Tour. They work with low income disabled persons to help improve their financial situations. RJ is well known for […]

Vince Gilligan: Before Breaking Bad

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George Vincent Gilligan Jr, born February 10, 1967 is a known American writer, producer and director. His most well-known project was Breaking Bad. He also worked on the Lone Gunmen and the X-Files. His future endeavors include Battle Creek and Better Call Saul. Who was Vince Gilligan before Breaking Bad? Mr. Gilligan born to a […]

Where is Walter White Now

Darker Side

Where is Walter White (Bryan Cranston) now after the show ended on September 29, 2013? This critically acclaimed show ran for five seasons on the AMC network. The main character Walter White was a struggling high school chemistry teacher who was diagnosed with inoperable cancer. He decides to shift gears to provide for his family’s […]

A Few Things You Didn’t Know About Bryan Cranston

The real Bryan Cranston

Bryan Cranston played Walter White on the hit show, Breaking Bad. Walter was a high school teacher at first and turned into one of the biggest meth kingpins there was in town. On the show, the reason he turned into a meth maker and dealer was because he was diagnosed with cancer and wanted to […]

A Few Things You May Not Have Known About Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad was an awesome show while it lasted!

Breaking Bad was one heck of a show! There are millions of fans all around the world who loved this show and were so sad to see it go off-the-air after only a few seasons. Although it ran out after only five seasons, the show was a huge hit while it was on-air. Because there […]