To Assist Or Not To Assist

Bea Arthur

When a loved one is sick and miserable it can break your heart and you would do anything in your power to help that loved one.  I remember many nights when my children were babies and were up at night due to teething, tummy aches and fevers.  Even now that they are older, they still […]

Sergeant Zbornak

Bea Arthur as a young Marine!

Having just recently celebrating the 4th of July, I am reminded of our country’s military and the many, many sacrifices they have made over the course of America’s history! Ever grateful for their dedication and willingness to serve, all through the ranks, whether they are Privates or Generals, we have much to be thankful for! […]

Remembering Bea


On April 25, 2009 the world said good bye to Bea Arthur.  At the age of 87 Bea had accomplished more than most people do in a lifetime.  Her legacy lives on today and will for many years to come! Bea is probably most famously known for her epic roles as Maude Findlay on the […]