A Few Life Lessons We Can All Learn From Charles Bukowski

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Charles Bukowski was an American author. Some think he was the greatest American author there ever was. Although some people may think he wasn’t such a good writer and others say he was the best, here are a few life lessons we can all learn from him. Honesty Charles Bukowski has been brutally honest in […]

Little Known Facts About Charles Bukowski

The Great Author, Charles Bukowski.

Charles Bukowski was a poet, novelist, and short story writer and published author. Although he was born in Germany in 1920, he came to America to live and write. He started out writing poetry. He then went on to novels and short stories. He died in San Pedro, California in 1994. He had many fans […]

Angela Lansbury A Brilliant Life And Career

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Born October 16, 1925 in Poplar, London England, Angela Brigid Lansbury has been a very successful actress and singer and writer for many decades.  She once said “Providing I can put one foot in front of the other I will continue to act”. Angela’s mother was an Irish born actress Moyna McGill and her father […]

Janet Evanovich: Three Favorite Novels

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First let me say that Janet Evanovich is one of my favorite authors.  She is a very prolific writer and in my opinion, although some of her work is better than others, all are pleasant reads.   My absolute favorites are her By The Numbers Series featuring inept bounty hunter Stephanie Plum.  I’ve loved them all […]

On Vonnegut’s Basic Training

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by Leigh M. Lane When I learned Kurt Vonnegut had a previously unreleased novella, one he had likely written very early in his career, I wasn’t sure what to expect.  While excited to read one of his earliest works, that I might compare it to his more polished prose, I was surprised to find not […]

Bukowski: The Unromantic Romantic

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Charles Bukowski came in to my life at just the right time. It’s as if fate had interjected. Life had a purpose and a perspective. I had a new friend. It all felt so unquestionable, so satisfying, so right. I was introduced to Bukowski by a workmate during a period that I wasn’t happy with […]

Janet Evanovich, Creator of Stephanie Plum


Years ago while checking out some books, the librarian asked me “have you ever read a Janet Evanovich book?.  My answer was no and she went on the tell me how much she enjoyed the  new series.  This was about the time only three by the numbers books had been published.  I picked up “One […]

A Charles Bukowski Fan’s Poem

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Charles Bukowski is one of my all time hero’s, his writing is amazing, funny, sad, serious, tragic, philosophical and always entertaining. I first read Mr Bukowski when I was 18 yeas old and ever since then his poems, stories and novels have engulfed my mind with hilarious scenarios , grotesque characters and poetic heartfelt moments […]