The Future Plans of Maisie Williams

Maisie Williams is Arya Stark

While this may seem like old news, since it appeared for the first time at the San Diego Comic Con, Maisie Williams was approached to star in the adaptation of the hit video-game The Last of Us. But, since then, Maisie had quite a few interviews, so something new must have appeared. For example, just […]

Memento Mori

Arya Stark - Valar Morghulis

While there are quite a few fictional languages in the books and in the TV series, George R.R. Martin said that he never intended to create full languages like J.R.R. Tolkien did for Middle Earth. So that is why, for the TV show, a linguist was hired in order to create these artificial languages. So […]

Kissed By Fire…

Jon and Ygritte Kiss

I am extremely pleased with Season 3 to date.  The amount of information, character development and exposition they have to fold into this season is mind-blowing for those of us who have read the books.  There’s so much, in fact, that Season 3 , based on the third book in the series, A Storm of […]