AHS: ASYLUM … On the Divided Viewership


I’ve been an avid AHS fan since watching the first episode of the first season, enamored by the intriguing mesh of macabre, drama, and insightful commentary. It was and still is a “smart” show, written on a high literary level and meant for fans who enjoy a little depth with their horror. With great interest, […]

AHS: Asylum “Tricks and Treats”

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Fading in with a scream, this episode begins by picking up where it left of in the beginning of the previous episode.  Newlyweds Leo and Teresa are in the rotting, abandoned asylum in present day, and Leo’s arm has been ripped off by an unseen killer.  His identity is revealed when Teresa attempts to flee, […]

American Horror Story: Asylum Season Premiere

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Warning: Spoilers ahead. Like the season premiere for Season 1, Asylum opens with a teaser in which curious characters explore the haunted property and become victims to the evil manifested by its dark past.  Honeymooners intent on traveling through the most haunted sites in America enter the abandoned and rotting asylum, discussing its history and […]