Bukowski – Chained but Free

Charles Bukowski

How many admirers does Charles Bukowski have? It has exactly as many as he deserves. Bukowski’s poetry is not for the faint of heart, because even when he is at his most delicate his lines hit you as if they were sledgehammers. They are the truths that most of us don’t want to see, the […]

John Wayne: Recording Artist

The back cover of Duke's album

Every 4th of July, the town I live in has a huge fireworks display.  A local radio station simultaneously broadcasts a collage of patriotic music and snippets of audio from famous American speeches and recordings.  Among those are John Wayne reciting the Pledge of Allegiance followed by an excerpt of Elvis Presley singing “An American […]

John Wayne – A True American


President Ronald Reagan once said, “There is no one who more exemplifies the devotion to our country, its goodness, its industry, and its strengths than John Wayne.” This was evident in regards to an issue that was important to both President Reagan and Wayne – Communism. In the late 1940s, many Hollywood actors, writers and […]

Our John Wayne Love Affair


What is it about the Duke, John Wayne, that Americans and the whole world loved and still love? It’s got to be more than the good movies he made. I mean, just this year, 34 years after his death, John Wayne finished sixth in the Harris Poll of America’s Favorite Actors. Think about that for […]

Madea for President!


Image Madea running for President…Lort have mercy! Hell, image Madea winning the election (obviously)! One can only picture what our country would look like under her supervision. My God! Give her a gun, a chainsaw and a vehicle and she’ll bring us right back up! Think of the ways the negotiations would go with the […]