The Jeffersons – The Deee-Luxe Edition

The Jeffersons Box-Set

This year, all the fans of The Jeffersons will have yet another reason to wait for Christmas to come: a new box-set including all the 253 episodes will be released. This will be the first time when all the 11 seasons of the show are brought together in one Deee-Luxe edition. There are also some […]

All In The Family Broke New Ground

archie and edith bunker

“All in the Family” came onto the scene in 1971 and ran until 1979.  At the time it was a ground breaking program dealing with themes heretofore not seen on TV.  Some of the topics they touched on were rape, homosexuality, abortion, racism, women’s lib, impotence, and menopause.  In today’s  politically correct time a show […]