Project ALF

Project ALF

One of the main themes of the ALF series was satire, a satire aimed at the whole Cold War period – even the way in which ALF’s Melmac was destroyed was supposed to signal the alarm as to where the world was heading, with the whole nuclear race going on. Not only the series, but […]

Method Acting With ALF

ALF in a commercial

Sure, everybody knows that the furry and funny alien from Melmac was actually nothing more than a puppet, operated most of the time by his creator Paul Fusco. However, this doesn’t mean that ALF was completely lifeless and that people referred to him as an it. As Paul Fusco said in one of his many interviews […]

The Trouble With ALF


It must have been a blast being in the same room with ALF, right? After all, very shortly after the series premiered, the furry alien was found everywhere, from lunchboxes to T-shirts and even on the rearview window. But was it as funny being on the set with him as it was watching him in […]

ALF Biography Snippets


Without a doubt, ALF was a successful sitcom: it had an animated prequel which took place on Melmac, a spin-off for this animated series, a comic book issued by Marvel, a talk-show, a featured film (that explained what happened after the last episode of the television series), as well as numerous guest-appearances in other shows, […]

ALF Appearances in Other Shows

ALF at the O'Reilly Factor

Besides his own series and the cartoons, ALF did make other appearances on other shows, the most recent one being in 2011, on Good Morning America. And, as always he was as funny as it gets: back in the heyday I used to have a woman come in and vacuum me twice a week (after […]

ALF Facts You Didn’t Know


Just like today, countless of sitcom ideas were presented back then to the studios and the best of them were ordered a pilot, to see how it performs with the audiences. This was also the case of ALF – Paul Fusco came up with this idea in 1984 and pitched it to Disney and Muppet-creator […]

ALF – To End a Series


ALF was one of those shows where a science fiction idea was taken and translated for the TV screen so that the entire family could enjoy it. Of course, it wasn’t all about gags and jokes, but it was also a social commentary (remember, back then there was still a Cold War) on which the […]