Imagine A Bionic Woman

bionic woman

Imagine if you can an almost human woman who can hear small sounds from far away, bend steel with her arm, throw for very far distances and run more that sixty miles per hour.  Imagine too this woman is a beauty. All these attributes belong to Jaime Sommers the “Bionic Woman”.  “The Bionic Woman” ran […]

A Special Town Called Mayberry


Mayberry was the fictitious town from the Andy Griffith series and the home town of Gomer Pyle in Gomer Pyle U.S.M.C. Unlike today, in Mayberry everyone knew your name and everyone respected their neighbor.  It was a much slower pace of life where family life and friends were of utmost importance.  People respected each other […]

Gomer Pyle aka Jim Nabors

gomer pyle

Gomer Pyle,  really Jim Nabors, was discovered by Andy Griffith when he was working at The Horn in Santa Monica California.  Nabors was singing and doing a comedy act with a character similar to Gomer Pyle.   At Griffith’s request Jim Nabors  joined the Andy Griffith Show. In the Andy Griffith Show Jim Nabors plays Gomer […]

Little House On The Prairie An American Classic

little house on the prairie

Little House on the Prairie was a TV western series loosely based on the Little House books written by Laura Ingalls Wilder.  It was the story of a family in the 1800s living on a farm in Walnut Grove Minnesota. The story was directed by Michael Landon who also played the role of  the father […]

All In The Family Broke New Ground

archie and edith bunker

“All in the Family” came onto the scene in 1971 and ran until 1979.  At the time it was a ground breaking program dealing with themes heretofore not seen on TV.  Some of the topics they touched on were rape, homosexuality, abortion, racism, women’s lib, impotence, and menopause.  In today’s  politically correct time a show […]

A MASH Tragedy: The Death Of Henry Blake

MASH Death of Henry Blake

There are those of us who watch the reruns of MASH, see Henry Blake and feel we’re watching a friend. The McLean Stevenson character Henry Blake seemed to be the type of person you saw in your neighborhood and would talk to while waiting for your car to be serviced or wave at when you […]