The Munsters Fan’s Favorite Episodes


Herman takes midnight strolls, Grandpa turns into a wolf, Herman is in an automobile accident.  These are the themes of the three episodes of the Munsters listed below: “Walk on the Mild Side”, 1964 Herman is unable to sleep at night worrying about his high electric bills.  To relieve some of the stress he starts […]

Little House On the Prairie – 3 Episodes

Little House- whisper country 1978

Watching an episode of “Little House on the Prairie” really held your interest throughout the entire show.  You knew before the show started that it would be based on some family values and would be something for the entire family to enjoy.  Here are 3 of the episodes I consider favorites: “Whisper Country”, 1978 Rev. […]

The Waltons – Three Classic Epsiodes


The thing I liked best about “The Waltons” series was the fact that all the episodes were wholesome and family oriented.  They were shows the entire household could watch and enjoy together. These are just a few of the shows that I particularly liked: “The Carnival”, 1972 The children in the Walton family had been […]

Gunsmoke – Three Classic Episodes

matt dillion

Gunsmoke was a wonderful Western running for 20 years.  With all these entertaining episodes its very hard to choose just three favorites.  Here are three which might fit the bill. “The Schoolmarm”, 1974 This episode was a little bit different than most westerns.  Sarah Merkle is a schoolteacher in Dodge City.  One day while at […]

Three Favorite Kojak Episodes


A good way to spend some time relaxing  was watching a “Kojak” episode.  I would sit down, prop my feet up and  enjoy a dish of ice cream while I watched the program. Telly Savalas and his fellow cast members  always provided thought provoking entertainment.  Theo and Crocker and Capt. McNeil were  on the job […]

Rockford Files – Favorite Supporting Characters


The Rockford Files series starred private investigator Jim Rockford (played by James Garner) who is far from your average, everyday PI. The main character doesn’t make the whole show, however. The fact is that some of the longest-standing shows today don’t just have interesting leads but also interesting supporting characters. The Rockford Files definitely featured […]

Dark Shadows – What Makes Collinsport Spooky?


It might be the year or the theme or the actors themselves – but there’s no question that the Dark Shadows TV series was one of the spookiest to be aired during the 70’s. The show is set in a fictional town called Collinsport with the story revolving around the high-living Collins family. The Dark […]

Michael Landon Classic TV Icon


The first TV starring role for Michael Landon was in “Bonanza”.   He played the youngest son and hot head, Little Joe Cartwright.  Michael Landon was just 22.  “Bonanza ran for 14 seasons and Michael Landon stayed with the series throughout its run. During the years of “Bonanza” little Joe Cartwright with his good looks turned […]

Several Favorite Episodes of Columbo


There really are no Columbo stories I haven’t enjoyed watching and I think I‘ve probably seen them all.  It was hard to choose, but here are a few of my favorites: “Lovely But Lethal”, Season 3, 1973 co-starring Vera Miles and Martin Sheen. The Beauty Mark cosmetic empire is run by Viveca Scott an extremely […]

Boss Hogg’s a Nice Guy

boss hogg

Check out a few episodes of “The Dukes of Hazzard”.  Do you remember an episode when Boss Hogg was, for a short time, a nice guy? Series 7, Episode 5, 1984 “No More Mr. Nice Guy” Daisy is notified she has won a prize from the Capital City Department Store for being their one-millionth customer.  […]