Summer Glau Career Trip after Firefly

Summer Glau’s most recognizable role to date is River Tam from Firefly. Glau survived the collapse of Firefly. She has moved on to other roles in her career. The fallout of Firefly by Joss Whedon was not necessarily a good event for her career. The embittered miss releasing episodes and other crap lead to the destruction of the show. After the cancellation, the show went underground and Summer took a small role in Cold Case for one episode. So how did Glau land the role as River and what was her life like before Firefly?

Pre Firefly Career

Glau grew up in San Antonio, Texas with sisters Kaitlin and Christie. She spent her childhood learning ballet on a scholarship. Her first television credit came from from the television show Angel, “Waiting in the Wings,” as a guest star. Joss Whedon later cast her in Firefly as River. She auditioned for Power Rangers Wild Force before Whedon and Glau met. She has kept herself busy with a few charities in her young career.

Moving Beyond, Firefly

Miss. Glau took a guest role on CSI as Mandy Copper in the episode “What’s Eating Gilbert Grissom” in 2004. The 4400 television series landed her a two-year role as Tess Doerner. She appeared in eight episodes. One of her longest roles was in Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles as Cameron for 31 episodes. Her workload has increased and remained steady for the last nine years. Sequestered is one of her latest projects, in which she has starred in twelve episodes and started airing on August 5, 2014 to the internet.  She has other projects in the works. As her career takes a turn, you can expect her to find new roles and parts that will keep her ahead of the class. What do you think about the movie Serenity? Share your views with the community.

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