Stone Cold Wonder

It is not every character on General Hospital that garners such a vast and adoring fan base as Steve Burton has in his role of Jason Morgan.  The protective family member, loyal friend, lover, scrupulous mob enforcer, the courageous and sexy hit-man fans have come to know in recent years as “Stone Cold.”  Steve Burton has made his reasons for leaving ABC’s General Hospital clear, but now that he’s gone, should his role be recast?   Some fans do believe so, and have left their comments choosing Judson Mills, Jason Lewis, and a few others from the list of twenty potential recasts on IMDb, “the world’s most popular and authoritative source for movie, TV and celebrity content.”

While all the characters on GH who knew Jason seem to have accepted his missing body to mean that he died in the Port Charles harbor, swept away at sea, his wife, Sam McCall, is holding on to faith that he will return to her and their son, Danny.  Meanwhile, Sonny Corrintos shows sparse emotion, eerily acting as if he knows Jason is still alive.  Or is that just a projection by some fans who don’t wish to perceive Sonny to be so callous as not to grieve for the loss of his enforcer, best friend, and protector of the Corrintos family?  So this begs the question, does Sonny know where Jason is hiding or is Sonny in denial about Jason’s alleged death?

It is true that Jason’s body has not been found, but that does not invite for closure for the character’s family, friends, or Jason Moran, the character himself.  Closure is what’s sorely missing from this plot.  But either way, Jason’s body can never and should never be found dead by any citizen of Port Charles.  He must remain either indefinitely missing or recast – for now – keeping his character available for Steve Burton’s possible return in the future.  Fans of Steve Burton need to hold on to the hope that they will see their man again.  After all, it is possible, because it has been done before.  This is not the first time Steve Burton has left the show and returned to his role of Jason.

Steve Burton began playing Jason on General Hospital with his surname originally Quartermaine twenty-one years ago, on December 19, 1991.  Four years later, a car accident involving his intoxicated brother, AJ at the wheel, rendered Jason with a brain injury and total memory loss.  Since this accident in 1995, Jason could not relate to his Quartermaine roots, so he took his grandmother Lila Quartermaine’s middle name and changed his last name to Morgan.  Jason’s new personality from that point on reflected the nick-name, “Stone Cold,” given to him years later by a friend and collaborator, Damien Spinelli.  But in 1999, in a decision to pursue other opportunities, Steve Burton decided not to renew his contract with ABC’s General Hospital.  Nevertheless, he did return on a part-time basis between the years 2000 and 2002, and finally returned to stay with the show after the May Sweeps in 2002.

Ten years have gone by since Steve Burton’s full-time return.  Jason is one of the longest running characters on General Hospital.  His undeniable charisma, good looks, and acting ability have fans clamoring for his return … wondering … and hoping he will never be found in the harbor, at sea, or anywhere stone cold.


  1. rutha stitts says:

    Hate that Jason is gone,wish would come back.Don’t think that anyone can replace Steve Burton.What a man.

    • karen cordell says:

      jason is the best no one can replace him he is the best we all love him.he is missed alot i cant wait for him to come back.

      • cath says:

        Re-cast the part, as much as we all loved Steve Burton (Jason) I don’t know Steve I only know the man I loved on the show (Jason) so either re-cast OR pay Jason 2x the amount the young and the restless paid him, DO something the story line is BORING the way it’s going now …… BORING!

        • Louise says:


          • Rosie says:

            Me too! I was so happy to see him back on the air but GH needs to do something soon. Getting tedious…sweeps are coming fast! I’m just saying….

        • Rhonda Badgett says:

          i agree they recast-ed Michael and the one who is playing it now is the best one yet. I think Jason should be recast. Steve is a one of a kind but Dont let one character ruin the whole show. Im sure there is someone who can play the role just as good if not better!

          • Glenda says:

            The boy playing Micheal is the very first Micheal. he was a child then, now he is all grown up.

          • Ada Dunn says:

            Dylan Cash was the original Michael on GH when he was a child …. then Drew Garrett and now Chad Duell

          • Vicki says:

            I agree that the character of Jason Morgan be re-cast. Lucky, Carly, Michael, & Maxie were all re-casts which worked out well. The re-cast of the character allowed for the original Lucky to return plus it allowed for the actress playing Maxie to return after her illness. And the current Carly & Michael are fantastic!

          • Sara says:


          • maureen says:

            I totally agree no one is totally irreplaceable they have recast Carly so much and I did not think anyone could replace the original but they did and Laura Wright is GREAT so Steve Burton made his choice so they need to recast Jason also Sam needs him and so does Sonny or just move on and don’t recast but IMO get rid of Heather so is sickening!!!

        • Wilda says:

          I would like to see him come back for the 50th anniversary; then let him and Sam ride off into the sunset. Sam can always come back say they broke up, then in a few months, replace him and the show goes on. Recasts are a part of the business.

          • Linda says:

            They did that story line with Jagger and Karen. They got married and rode off on his motorcycle. Then she turned up on the spin off “Port Charles” alone, saying he had cheated on her so she divorced him. She later died on PC. She was Scotty’s daughter.

        • Jackie Ege says:

          no one else can play Jason .. give him 2x, 3x $$ but bring him back … I’m actually the fans will even help pay his salary .. let him know how much we love him.

        • Suzanne says:

          I agree time to recast the role ,just make sure the one who does is hot and built :)

        • Brenda says:

          Although I loved Jason Morgan aka Stone Cold the Enforcer, it’s time he be replaced, he’s moved on and so should we.

        • Elizabeth Johnson says:

          I agree Pay the money to Steve or Recast Jason don’t kill a beautiful story of two people who loves each and now have a baby

        • di says:


      • cath says:

        Re-cast the part, as much as we all loved Steve Burton (Jason) I don’t know Steve I only know the man I loved on the show (Jason) so either re-cast OR pay Jason 2x the amount the young and the restless paid him, DO something the story line is BORING the way it’s going now …… BORING!!! ♥

        • Sue says:

          Boring….stupid, stupid, stupid story lines. Wasn’t carly brought back for Sonny? What no chemistry? Todd belongs back with Blair…there was chemistry. I used to plan my days around GH, hated to miss any episodes….but the writers have lost me, I don’t care anymore!

      • Sara Primmer says:

        They have to get him back,he is the biggest reason I still want to watch it!!

    • Annette says:

      It is so terrible that he is gone i love JASON so much he was such a great actor. They always loose good people. He needs to come back to Sam and his son.

      • Louise says:

        ITA and GH is BORING now.

      • marge stone says:

        Do all you people know Steve Burton left because he wanted to. I so wish he was still here. He is now on Y&R because it it closer to his family and he does’nt have to travel so much. I so wish he was still on GH bit it was his choice.

        • Kim says:

          I agree with Marge Stone. Steve Burton chose to leave because Y&R agreed to let him commute to see his family. GH wouldn’t agree to it. I wish he were still on too but GH made a bad choice…

    • Laura says:

      Judson Mills who played Gage on Walker, Texas Ranger, would be a PERFECT replacement for Steve Burton. He is an excellent actor, and could be an excellent addition to the show. He has the charisma, “bad-ass” capability, looks, etc. I think GH should take a serious look at him to be our new Jason!!!

    • Eloise says:

      Now that I know for certain that Steve Burton has gone to Y & R I am very disappointed that he was not honest up front. He should be replaced. Maybe he did not even try to work the same schedule out with GH. I guess the grass was greener.

      • Robin says:

        I think you’re so right,Eloise. I have no problem with Jason Morgan being recast. Only a very few of the cast can’t be replaced–but Jason is not one of them. Some of us remember the days of different Jason’s as he aged over night.

    • you need to come back at least to see am,and your baby and then fine a reason to leave .Can”t you do that for your fans?We really dont care if its just to say good by Please .You cant let the Bad Guy win.

    • Brenda says:

      The Rock

    • Lorraine says:

      I would like to see another Jason return to the show just so they can keep that story line going please come back with another Jason. I agree about Jerry Jacks for he is the bad guy so bring a good guy back Jason Morgan the character. We love General Hospital to be able to cont…. So bring him back and same for Robin maybe u can bring them back in the benifit ball for aids. Thank you!!!

      • debbie nevin says:

        i LOVED Jason, it made GH, so please for now, recast him so that one day he can come back to all of us

      • Dee C says:

        I agree that someone needs to take over the roll of Jason. At first i was loyal to Steve Burton as Jason but since he has moved on to Y&R and was not truthful to the fans about the move I say recast . I hope they find someone who can carry on the spark and fill the void left by Steve’s leaving.

        • Brigitte M says:

          I dont know what every one is whining about my god Ive watched GH since 1963 get over it gang its a job ….if you were offered a job that gave you what you wanted dont tell me you would not go for it…He only owes us fans a good performance and nothing more or less, which he surely did otherwise all of you wouldnt be whining so bad…..this way it leaves an opening for him to come back if he wants too…so get over it everyone ITS A JOB not your life and if it is I feel sorry for you

        • antoinette says:

          Recast Jason !!Steve left cause he wanted to Better offer Y &R good for him so we need Jason back for a new story line Sam an Danny Need him .

        • Sara says:


        • Mary says:


    • Leonard Shanks says:

      Wow, been witching the show since 79 Luke n Laura, now am 47 , n Jason recast is going to b tough, his shoes will never b filled…..

    • claudia lavecchio says:

      Steve is gone to another show .I would say recast him,thats only fair.I luv him but the way he left,or the story we got.Was totally unfair.Let Jason live on!!

    • Joyce says:

      BRING BACK JASON&ROBIN Please. I have been watching
      General Hospital For as long as I can remember. Probably as I can remember. And I am 64 years old. I hope you all will keep Jason&Robin:)



      • Kim adcock says:

        I agree with you marta. nobody will be able to fill jasons shoes i have been watching gh since i was 16 now im 47

    • Joanne says:

      No lets not recast. He is the one and only Jason Morgan. Pair Sam up with someone knew, Jason is not coming back shame on us for believing he would come back. lets start knew. know more crying over spilled milk there is plenty fish out there, lets catch some one knew for Sam and baby Danny. No one can play Jason ever like Steve. so knew

    • Elaine says:

      There will not be another Jason Morgan, so bring back the one and only! Jason has been on GH, for so many years and maybe once he was happy, but not as happy as he has been with Sam! He has a Child now on the show he has been there for every one else’s children let him been there for his own…

    • no no no dont even think any one can take jasons place it just wont be the same and i dont like the idea please dont do it

    • Marcie Rotter says:


    • Darlene Walker says:

      I have stopped watching GH since Jason has been off I wanted my youngest dauthger to name her son Jason Allen she said no because the ex boyfriend had abrother who died and he was named Jason. But my oldest named her son Jason for me.
      Replace him if that will keep the spot open for Steve to come back

    • Karen X. says:

      I Love Steven B. (Jason) I am watching him on Y & R, it’s not the same. But I really don’t think GH should recast Jason, nobody can do that role like him. Hate to say it, but have them find the body & hopefully the show can move forward. They need to stop the Vampire story, that is going to KILL the show we all Love. I would like to know what the hell happen to the Robin story line???? Worry about that not the Vampires!

    • fran says:

      i agree (the man that plays jason) is quite a hunk. wish they would bring him back so he can get to know his son.

    • Donna says:

      So true but Y&R made him a great deal and it had nothing to do with money it was time.

    • heidi says:

      No one will ever be able to replace jason.

    • Millie says:

      I agree! No one can replace Steve as Jason. It would be a disaster if they try.

    • J Gray says:

      Don’t re-cast Jason… That’s an insult to long-time fans and to Steve B. Sweeten the pot so he returns.

    • Shonda Landry says:

      I love Steve Burton as Jason,but if he’s not gonna come back.We need some1 just as dreamy as him,I thought Cameron Matheson was a pottental take over person.If he’s still on that take over list I think he’d make a good take over he’s nice looking & built,I know Jason was bigger (the original Jason),but Cam. can do some stuff 2 beef up

    • Grandma says:

      Bring Jason back. No body found means someone found him and is bringing him back to health because he has lost his memory. It is time for him to start getting his memory back!

  2. bethann summerhill says:

    BRING JASON BACK AND DO IT BEFORE CHRISTMAS AND ROBIN TOO!!! if stupid jerry jacks can come back then its time to bring a “GOOD” character return!!!

  3. Marge Stone says:

    I know Steve Burton wants to do other things but I do not think it would be the same with any other actor. I caan only hope he ill return at some point. Jason and Sam are my favorite couple on GH..

  4. michelle says:

    Do not recast anyone as Jason no one can ever take Steve’s place. I think it is great that he wants to spend time with his family and he should know that his loyal fans will be right here waiting for his return. Also does anyone know what will come of Port Chuck and if they will continue with or without S.B.? Thanks for the 21 years you gave us!

    • johnnie says:

      i dont think he is comming bk but would love it and sick of this robin and duke thing if jason not comming back get her with john then or bring someone who well look like jason sam and the baby needs someone soon bye xmas

    • Nia Shaw says:

      I say Recast him, at least he won’t be killed off & it allocates a little time fo him to rethink his decision!!!!

    • patty says:

      Please Please Please FANS stop being so SELFISH!!! Steve Burton has given us 21 years of his life on GH. I am a huge fan BUT true FANS will follow him wherever he goes. His acting is amazing! I too don’t like the way the story lines have gone as of late but this is not the fault of steve burton. Has anyone ever thought he couldn’t tell his fans all the facts of what was going on due to contract resrictions or could have been in breech of contract. It is up to the writers to pick up there game and do a better job with the actors they have left. Steve I thank you and your family for the years you gave of your talent and time! I will follow you wherever you should go in your acting career… Just as I have George Clooney when he was on facts of life, ER, then to his amazing movie career. You are that talented an actor I won’t be surprized to see you on the Big Screen someday. Do I wish you could come back to GH at some point YES!!!! But for all you’ve given your fans I’m more then willing to change a chanel and be grateful to still see your work. PEOPLE please give the man a chance to become your favorite man on the Y&R. And let him spend some time with his OWN kids that are still young enough to enjoy being with MOM and DAD! I’d also like to thank his wife for sharing HER Man with the rest of the world. HATS OFF TOO YOU MRS. BURTON…. A forever fan, Patty.

  5. Margaret says:

    I have a suggestion to the writers about Jason Morgan. What if Jason could return, but not be there. He could call Sam, and let her know he is alive, but can not return to Port Charles. Sam could tell Jason that Danny is his son. That would be exciting. Jason could make calls to Sam once in a while, and keep the fans happy. The roll of Jason Morgan would not have to be recast, and that would leave room for Steve to return if he so desires.

    • Carol says:

      I thought of that too, not a bad suggestion. Would bring more drama and fans wondering where he is, keep John and Sam just friends. Jason could mess with Todd without being seen, suspense ! Sonny could also have him working for him behind the scenes, like secret phone calls or meetings where you don’t know who he is meeting with !! Try it, might like it :)

    • Sheila says:

      I think I like that idea Carol……

  6. joy meyers says:

    Steve Burton will come back to GH it maybe later than sooner but Jason need at home for his family and friends who love him miss him like Sam and Danny Damien and Monica Carly and Sonny but most of all Robin need Jason to save her from Fasion and Jerry Jacks so Robin can make back home to Emma and Patrick. Steve fans miss you please come back to GH everyone of us your fans miss you

    • ArmyWife says:

      Joy, that’s what I was thinking….Jason is still alive in that hospital in Switzerland, and he will find Robin (or she will find him). Then they both return to their beloved families. Sidenote: I, too, despise this vampire storyline. Send John back to Llanview to reunite with Nat and Liam.

  7. i want steve burton to come back it played the scene very good , I think no I know he”s a very good actor and strong guy, i want to see how it plays out , so please return him to the show it’s not good without him on there, also return robin she needs to be with her husband, I hate it when ya change the players please rreturn the players.

  8. General Hospital will not be the same without jason agreed no one can replace him and I think everyone watching it now is just watching to see if he does and if he dont I also think the ratings will go down and GH will be next off the air so lets do whats right.

  9. Shelley Shupp says:

    I have loved Steve Burton since day one, but we have to go on and choose another character! I’m sure if he decides to come back he will. In the mean time lets move forward and enjoy the show….loved seeing Lucy Coe again. GH you will always be in my heart ;0)

  10. Roy L Spaulding says:

    I quit watching general hospital, since jason is gone, I am gone to forever!

  11. Paula Farmer says:

    General Hospital just isn’t the same without Steve Burton. I just don’t think anyone can step into his shoes. He is an icon on the show. Just don’t keep us hanging GH. Make up your mind. Let Sam make peace and start a new life or, worse comes to worse, cast someone that has so much characteristics like Steve Burton that the change want be hard to take. Missing Jason(Steve Burton).

  12. monique says:

    Aw well alot of us say that you can’t bring him back cause no one can take his place or be as good as Steve Burton and then we still do want to see him on the show GERRRRRR. I understand what he wants and stuff but Steve please come back :) lol :( but I know he wont :( Love you Steve good luck with every thing. I’ d still love to meet you some day.

  13. nikita says:

    I strongly agree!! with Vivion I promise you that’s the only reason I watched it…. and Robin returned.! its so boring thank goodness I DVR It I fast forward through every thing I watched probably 10 mins of the dam show if so much..

  14. No one can take Jason place please bring him back everyone else is coming back.

  15. mary says:

    If Steve Burton won’t come back then there is no Jason ! So its better to find a body n let it go ,then to keep hoping he will return,or have some other guy play his role is messed up!

  16. Sonja says:

    I have not watched GH much ever since Jason’s character has left. It’s not the same anymore. Steve was born
    to play the role of Jason. There will never be another Jason Morgan, he broke the mold !

  17. No one else should play Jason.There is only one Stone Cold.

  18. ellen says:

    I would love to see jason come back but would like for now someone come in and play his part for sam. I want a jason in the picture.

  19. Marcella says:

    I still watch General Hospital hoping that Steve’s character as Jason will come back. I really hope that their isn’t a recasting because it wouldn’t be the same at all. I just hope that Steve decides to return to the show. I mean he hasn’t found out that Danny is even his son yet. And that will make all the wild to see his face once his character realizes it. Plus then him going after Todd because he switched his son will make it worth watching. I am hoping and prayer that Jason returns to the show soon.

  20. Tamara says:

    please stop play head games with us Steve. we love you on the show. just ask for more money. you are in such high demand. your worth it. most of have been watching you for years. you are worth the money. just like sonny is too.
    bring robin back too. this is dragging out forever

  21. Patricia says:

    If u don’t being jason back soon Me & My mum will stop watching GH.

    youtube to mp3

  22. Ella Holtsclaw says:

    I think ya all sould bring Robin and Jason back on General Hospital I do not even think watching it if it wasnt that Sonny was no there I do not think I would watch it GOD BLESS ya all any way

  23. PAM says:

    I want the real Jason Stone Cold back, give him so needed time off and then offer him what ever it takes to bring him back, just don’t wait to long, we don’t want Sam to move on with John… The Pheonix and the Dragon belong together, besides now that the evil AJ is back we need Jason to put him in his place. And it has to be the real Jason, don’t recast.

  24. Rosemarie Valente says:

    We need Jason back and Robin too.

  25. Toots says:

    Leave the door open for Jason in case he wants to come back (even if it is years from now) You could have him disappear with amnesia and in the meantime how about a romance with handsome McBain?? Jason could come back at any time and if he didn’t remember Sam it would play well since he has had brain injuries???? But..DO miss him like crazy and kill of that nut (Jerry ) he has done too much damage already!

  26. Mary says:

    I want Jason back so bad.I miss him so much.It would be great if his wife will move this way.Please Jason come back to GH. Love and miss you.<3

  27. Courtney says:

    I haven’t watched an episode since Jason went missing. No one can replace Jason Morgan.

    • D says:

      IT IS A FREAKIN SOAP! IT IS NOT REAL LIFE, SO GET OVER IT! OMG! I too liked Steve in the part, but HE chose to leave. It was not a very long absence at that. He is now on a rival soap, YR on CBS! It kinda makes me wonder just a bit. Maybe he was tired of the roll. I still am a fan of GH and will watch no matter who, if there is a recast for the role. Would the storyline be better with A JASON, perhaps. Will I stop watching because either Steve or a replacement is not in the roll? HELL TO THE NO!!! The show is about a Hospital in a fictitious city of dysfunctional people, NOT ONE PERSON! My favorite daily escape.

    • maria garcia says:

      I agree w/everybody there is no one that can replace Jason Morgan……I have FAITH that he will return to Port Charles……I want Jason Morgan back where he belongs n that is w/Sam n Danny… They are a family……Families belong 2gether……BRING BACK STEVE BURTON as JASON MORGAN……We the fans want n need him back……

  28. Jason should come back on as his self.Take John off put him and Scarface back on oltl.

  29. As much as I love Steve Burton playing Jason and i don’t believe that anyone can replace him but he did deceive all of us fans. he wanted to spend time with his family and now he is starting on the Young and the Restless. that is not right. If they can find someone as good looking and simiar to him it may be ok

  30. veronica says:

    i want him back

  31. Ada Dunn says:

    I LOVE Steve Burton, but I feel that we the fans were lied to.. He said that he wanted to move to TN to spend time with his family which he did do so.. But 3 months later he is excepting a Major role on Y& R that is also in LA now come on.. if that was the case he “could have” came back to GH as Jason, but no he goes to an all new soap.. so YES now I think the character of Jason needs to be recast and with the list of actors they have as top actors to recast the role these are the actors that I feel that would do a good job and “kind of” would remind me of the character of Jason not Steve Burton but of Jason would be Daniel Cosgrove who played Scott Chandler on AMC, , Daniel Goddard who played Cane on Y&R, Josh Holloway who played James “Sawyer” Ford on Lost and Nathan Fillion who played Joey Buchanan on OLTL but now plays on Castle but with Nathan I dont think he would be available to do it because of the TV Show Castle these guys after a little bit of time I could possibly buy playing the role. Now with Judson Mills who played Hutch on ATWT and Gage on Walker Texas Ranger, Austin Peck who played Austin Reed on DOOL, and of course Cameron Mathison who played Ryan Lavery on AMC they are all great actors but I cannot see them playing the role of Jason Morgan

    • Tracy says:

      i agree about us fans have been lied to. if he can take a role on Y&R then he could come back but yes he could just be tired of playing Jason. he could have asked for them to do something different with him. i think they should recast it does leave room for him to come back or anything else. but no one can play Jason like Steve. he & Sonny are the reasons i started watching. little did i know i’d be hooked all these yrs.

  32. TAMMY says:


  33. Joanne says:

    I say move on with a new Jason we have to save his charcter. in case he wants to come back!!! If you do a recast at least fans still have hope. they always have the original come back after a recast.

  34. Deb M says:

    SB left GH saying he wanted to spend time with family..2 mo later he signs with Y and R,?,, I say recast, he wont be back to GH, After a bit, we will get used to the new actor portraying Jason, How many Carlys have we had 3 ? 4? .. Lots of sexy men out there to play Jason,

    • Tasha P says:

      I agree with Deb, Carly’s been recast several times, so has AJ Q, Even Edward was recast. As was Maxie Jones, Jerry Jax, Just a few I can think of of the top of my head. Recast and let Sam & Jason get on with their lives. I don’t want to revisit “Port Charles” with Sam & McBain. That vampire crap was just unreal.

      • melissa says:

        I think that GH needs to bring back robin and recast steve burton.. he has made a decision to move on and he has done so on Y&R.. I think he did the move for his family and i can’t fault him for that.. family is the most important.. I will watch him on Y&R.. The story line in GH is getting reather boring and predictable.. It needs a spark.. the great characters need to come back and get the soap back on track.. this tracy and aj story line is a little dull .. connie should get a relatity check i feel that sonny deserves a happy ending for once.. as far as maxie with lou lou and dante it is stupid and it should be written as they know the truth.. it is not a good story line.. with reguards to duke and anna it is dul too.. i have watch the show for 25 years and this is the most boring story line i have seen by far.. GH writters get with the program…
        y&R is becoming more appealing..

  35. mia jordan says:


  36. Jean Word says:

    I’m having a real hard time watching GH now. I don’t understand why his character could not have been fixed like Lukes, to come and to go!!! Maye someone should think about that. Do not recast his role. BRING Steve Burton back as Jason!!!!

  37. joan says:

    no do not replace him won;t be the same leave it open so he can come back he was a great actor if you change to many in the show it;s not worth me watching it ever

  38. Debbie says:

    Oh God how much I miss Steve Burton, he and Sonny where my favorite characters on the show, I wish like crazy Jason would return, even though I like so many others feel there is only one Stone Cold, I also believe after a proper waiting time, maybe be a new Jason should come, not just for Sam but for Sonny as well, I feel the writers did wonderful writing on the story lines for them, I’d love to see a Jason,

    Another twist would be Mikael, he and Steve Burton are so much alike in some ways in personality, maybe have Mikael some how take over where Steve Burton left off, it would be replacing Steve that way, the door be still open if Steve Burton ever wanted to return, if any thing to save Mikael from the mob life,

  39. Wanda says:

    If the powers that be, that their time and choose carefully, I think it will be wonderful if the part of Jason is recast.

  40. ruth mazarin says:

    i wish steve would come back. im with sam i wont believe jason is dead. no one can replace him. not even john mcbain. please steve burton come back to gh. not the same without you

  41. Teresa says:

    Steve Burton should come back so sam knows he is alive and meet his son. They can always rewrite his departure so he can come back later or not. I love Jason. His role being gone makes the show boring and watching Sam cry thinking he is alive is so sad. Bring Jason back if its Just for awhile.

  42. Laurie E. says:

    I agree that Jason should come back but I think a new actor could back with Jason as he was before his accident. He could slowly regain he memory. He could not know but he could spent time with danny and slowly fall in Love Sam and regain his Jason personality.

  43. Laurie E. says:

    I agree with the person who suggested that Judson Mills could play Jason. He is a good actor he looks very simular to the actor who plays AJ and he could be past off as Jason. He could come back with memory lose he doesn’t remmeber Sam It could be played the movie The Vow where Sam has to help him
    remmeber Their Love.

  44. christine clifton says:


  45. tina says:


  46. Nikki says:

    NO!!!! There is no one other than Steve Burton that can play Jason Morgan. If they try and recast him, it will be a disaster. There is no actor that could bring to this role what Steve did, just let it be!!

  47. Penny says:

    Yes, I do think Jason should be replaced although Steve Burton will always be jason to most of us. I think AJ could have replaced him as Jason, they have a similar look and I also thought I read at one time that the two of them were actually cousins. I love Sam with John McBain but Carley is certainly lost right now..

  48. Marlene Emmett says:

    Jason will return~who knows when? But he’s going to come back.
    Maybe after Steve Burton’s had enough of the nonesense in Genoa City.???
    Meanwhile,Sam & Danny will be well taken care of by Monica & Alexis and
    Sam’s neices,Molly & Christina.

    Now if John just stays away~and if GH’s writers don’t write Vampires into the
    storylines~everything will be fine.

  49. sandy says:

    yes i think if he doesn’t come back that they should recast him love the roll of jason morgan

  50. I would like to see Steve Burton come back to GH as Jason. But I understand him wanting to play other parts in other program. He probably felt threaten in real life for the role he was playing on GH. All that killing he done while he was on GH his role needed to be changed. In the part of playing Jason he was getting away with murder and this had great following of young people trying do do the same as Jason, thinking the would get away with killing someone like Jason. Good luck Steve Burton, I would love to see you back on GH. With a change in your role.

  51. Margaret says:

    Yes re-cast Jason Morgan. The story line must go on. Boring as it is now. The fans want to see Jason and Sam raise their son together. I t does not matter who plays Jason Morgan to me. As stated in many comments, Steve Burton is the right man for the job. But if Steve don’t want us, (the fans) we don’t need him to be Jason. Please just re-cast. Bring any Jason Morgan back.

  52. joan says:

    yes please recast him

  53. Donna says:

    There will never be another Jason. He should stay missing until his (hopeful) return.

  54. Jason is what made General Hospital. Should have never let him go. It will never be the same
    Not as good anymore :(

  55. Geri says:

    Recast the part!! I want to see Jason Morgan alive because there’s too many unresolved issues here. His character touches almost every other character in GH and needs to be kept in the plot lines. We see re-casts all the time. I’m interested in watching how this character contributes to the different story lines.

  56. susan says:

    no he can;t be replace that is stupid to ask in the first place

  57. beau says:

    oh yeah, bring on another jason…. lets give someone a chance. better to recast, than no cast. just like laura wright. she is carly. but at first we werent sure. now look at how well she does. love her. sure hope sonny does know something cause hes an idiot. too bad about trey. we were just beginning to like him. we thought for sure he was gonna grab krissys arm…. so sad how unfair…..

  58. beau says:

    i love tinas comment….. now thats a good storyline. bring franco back as well…..

  59. shana says:

    The best way to bring Jason back is to have a new character come on who is somewhat familiar with P.Chuck, a little confused, new face, due to surgery of course, but someone Sam must feel something with the first time they meet. It could take a long arc and be real interesting. Amnesia is such a fun thing to write for.

  60. maria shaheen says:

    Lets face it EVERYBODY loves Jason! He was a awesome actor and very easy on the eyes….He made General what it is today. I would love you to come back Steve! You are sadly missed. I have watched General for 30 years!!! I pray he just shows up one day!!

  61. Geri says:

    Re-cast Jason… Steve might be gone, but Jason doesn’t have to be. And please drop the vampire thing. It didn’t word for Dark Shadows and it won’t work for General Hospital!

  62. i for one have loved jason since the first time he came on general hospital,and i still love him ,so people get a life, hes able to go and do what he wants any time and any where, and hey if you truly like or love him youll go where ever he goes, and enjoy him while we can,, hopefully for years ,i personally love any thing that he does and im proud of the stand he takes,,, get real people he has a family to think of ,a real family.. my hope is he will stay on any program on tv hes the greatest ive ever watched and im a old woman ,and i love him dearly ,reminds me of the greatest stars and thats where he will stay .so change you nagging and lets get with him all the way or get off and stay off ,i think enough people love him enough to follow him where ever he goes ,i know of several that will continue to follow him and hey jason best of every thing to you and ur beautiful family and hope to continue to see you on the tube ,ive got kids ur age that love ya to rosemary harris

  63. yes we need a Jason back with Sam and his son ,

  64. Jason is gone ,and Robin is gone 2 of the Best you had ,and nither is comming back. That is alful.People come back from the dead but you can”t bring them back. At least let Anna see Robin before something happens to her.

  65. susan says:

    With McBain possibly having to fill his contractual role back on OLTL, and they were heading in a McBain/Sam pairing, i say replace him…John Stamos type…or Antonio Sabatino…

  66. Holly says:

    Please please please recast Jason!! You cant have Sam end up with John Mcbain!!

  67. CG says:

    Do not recast Jason – Steve Burton was the best and no one else would ever seem right. If the idiots that took over the show gave him the same deal Luke has, where he can leave when he wants and come back when he wants, maybe Steve would have stayed. They were foolish to let him go.

  68. Sandy says:

    The past few years his part has been so minimal that it really didnt matter..only when he got back with Sam did he start to be on a bit…at this point I say recast him…we need to finish that story line so we can move forward..Loved Steve Burton but my vote is still RECAST

  69. Mary West says:

    Bring Steve Burton back. He is the only Jason!

  70. debbie nevin says:

    Please bring back Jason and Robin u brought back others that didnt do a thing for the show so what r u waiting for,GH to be cancelled ?

  71. Richard says:

    RECAST IT ALREADY…THIS STORY LINE IS WEAK & BORING…They recast other characters till the original Prima Donnas returned…

  72. Sharon Taylor says:


  73. dawn says:

    I know that no one can ever replace him, and be the Jason we have all grown to love Sam and her baby need Jason in their lives. so if that means recast him then by all means plz do.

  74. Sal Piscioneri says:

    recast show is great without him and lets all move on like he did:>)

  75. Sam says:

    I liked Jason, but I did not like the jason and Sam story lines most of the time, they were boring on their own they were much better, so I don’t want to see Jason recast, i want Sam to have a great story line or her own and would like to see her with someone else for awhile.

  76. christine says:


  77. PAT WRAY says:

    It’s not the same without Jason. I hope Steve will return one day. I do think his character needs to be played out though. Those 2 are good choices though for replacements, until the real one comes back.

  78. PAT WRAY says:

    Also bring Robin back.

  79. Lori says:

    I’m very disappointed that Jason hasn’t already been recast. Just because Steve wanted to leave doesn’t mean that Jason should!!!! Lucky was recast with Greg Vaughn when Jonathan Jackson left, and everything was fine. They even let Jonathan come back and resume the role. I liked Greg Vaughn in the role of Lucky. I was hoping they’d bring him back again. They did the same with the Nicholas Cassadine character. We just want somebody who’s nice looking and a good actor to come back and play Jason asap!!!!! We need to bring Robin back too in time for the nurses ball!!!!!

  80. marie celli says:

    Love jason and was very upside that he had left the show in case anyone didnt know he is now on the young and restless as avery lost love who she thought died at war ….i believe. You should bring another person to play steve cause ether i watcsang gh have watchedalways faithfully for yearsyou sa needs him i want him to find out the baby is his they just belong together…let them have happiness . I have have watched faithfully for years soaps are my therapy sessions…love you gh

  81. Mary says:

    It would be great if Jason came back.He decided to leave GH,so don’t punish him for leaving. I love and miss him so very much.I wish you the very best in whatever you want to do.Your the best.<3

  82. Heather Burchett says:

    NOONE will ever replace Steve Burton as Jason Morgan,Im actually done with the show now,it is not worth watching anymore since he is gone.All these people from the other show need to leave..Would like to have Jason back and GH,i dont know what it is right now,but cant call it GH & really how long is Robin gonna be gone?So screwed up..Fix GH..PLEASE!!!Watched for 17 years,would like to watch again!!!

  83. moreen says:

    I have watched GH for years. I want to see Jason come back. The next best would be to recast him. Cant beleive he would go on another soap and not return to GH give him the pay he is asking fort AND MAKE gh GOOD AGAIN. Jason please come back tp Sam and Danny

  84. Penny Smith says:

    They can re-cast, it won’t be the same, they did it before with Laura, and if they change their mind and come back there’s always a way to write them back in we’ve seen it a million times. The writers are going to have to be very particular though, as a fan I’m going to want somebody very close to what Steve Burton brought to us.

  85. Sharon M says:

    I love steve but if he chooses to go to TYR gook luck to him. Let mcbain be danny,s father. The look good together anyways.

  86. elaine rowe says:

    I have watched general hospital since it started. I do not want Jason recast .we want him.if they turn general hospital into a vampire story line you can finally count me out to watch it.that is like days when it brought on the marlann was demon possess that was so stupid and days lost viewers. hope u listen to the veiwers.

  87. veronica sosebee says:

    You need to come back to GH, aint no excuse your missed and we need you back PLZ COME BACK TO GH!

  88. Kelly says:

    I said this before, as much as we all like Steve Burton as Jason, Greyson McCouch would be excellent in the part!

  89. Rita Gordon says:

    Who cares any longer. All of GH is a mess. Too bad. This was a good show with lots o followers. No more!

  90. Brenda says:

    Ive been watching Steve grow up on GH and was so sad when I learned of him leaving GH so many characters comes and goes but with Steve its something else, I wish that Steve aka Jason would come back to GH its just not the same, recasting GH may loose a lot of dedicated viewers. I hope the REAL JASON MORGAN takes his place among his friends and fans that love him so dearly.

  91. Kathy Glagowsk says:

    Yes recast the role. steve wanted to leave for his own reasons. that doesn’t mean the character had to go too! he just got his family back.

  92. Robin says:

    I want Jason back for Samantha, if you need to recast then so be it. The sooner the better. I don’t want her with John, he is a great guy but he needs to be with Natalie and their son just like Jason needs to be with Sam and their son.

  93. sylvia says:

    Only Steve Burton can portray Jason. Do not recast! John McBain needs to totally forget Natalie even exists!

  94. Carol Ryan says:

    It would be next to impossible to recast a character after 21 years. As they say, “Let a sleeping dog lie”. STOP BRINGING BACK DEAD CHARACTERS!!!! I despise being made a fool of.

  95. joann says:

    I do hope they bring him back I think his caractor left a big gap in the general hospital cast he’s been on there as far back as i can remember and i’ve been watching it sence i was a teenager plus come on who dosen’t love sweet bad boys lol

  96. linda sipes says:

    only recast if steve burton is going to continue playing jason morgan, no one can replace him or even come close. maybe if u had given jason more money he would not have left in the first place. jason please come back to ur fans(steve burton). if jason is not coming back , then i will not be watching g.h. anymore!!! missing me some jason, sam and jason forever.

  97. CT says:


  98. he,s the very best and he,s one in a million ,and ill watch him in anything that he does .miss him on one show ,and welcome him on another ,and will follow him where ever he may go ,thanks Steve for all youve given to us ,keep up good work where ever you stay ,ill follow you, your a wonderful actor and ive watched you grow like my own kid and grand sons which is amazing best to you and any thing you decide to do in future

  99. I think the man who played as Leo on charmed or the man who played as Jake Martin on All My Children would make a Great Jason if you replace him

  100. Debra Fries says:

    I saw Steve on the Young and Restless yesterday is he not going to come back . Will be truly missed…. Please come back and Robin too.

  101. Amanda Simms says:

    I dont think anyone can fill Steve Burtons shoes but Jason Lewis is hot so my vte goes to Jason Lewis

  102. Helen Baker says:

    Jason should be recast with someone with the same charisma as Steve gave to the show. Sam and Danny need him. A whole new story line could develop.

  103. Debra Hornsby says:

    YES recast him. I hate that he is no longer wants to be Jason but we need someone to take up where he left off. I know that there are others as good as he is out there and since Steve Burton went to another show it is only right he be recast and we get to see “Jason” raise Danny

  104. sandy says:

    bring back jason also well your at it bring robin back

  105. maxine says:

    no one can replace jason !! but as always we will get use to a new person who will take jasons place … but one thing for sure .. somethings gotta change with all of this vampire stuff … come on now .. really and connie and kate is getting boring if jason wont come back … then at least u can replace him and get something else going on instead of the all this vampire stuff .. i have watch g.h since i was young tean and still cant belive u guys are bringing the vampires into it .. .. but i do like that ur brought alot of people back and u do need to bring back robin already and the nurses ball .. thank u … please listen to ur viewers !!


  107. I can’t accept anyone but steve burton as Jason with Sam..John needs to be with natalie and his own son..not Sam….I don’t think anyone else can do justice to the roll of Jason..he is one of a kind…would never work for me…

  108. kathie says:

    NO NO NO …. Don’t replace Jason, nobody can replace him, just bring back Steve Burton – PERIOD…..

  109. Rose says:

    Recast the role, the only bad ass to play the part is Charlie Hunnam from SOA. He has my vote.

  110. Connie B says:

    I’ve watching GH for over 10 years now & it’s now the same with out Jason and Robin in there I watched Robin grow up in that show as well as Jason you need to bring them back it’s not much to watch without them. It is some what good to bring back some of the older ones back into the show but, don’t take out Jason & Robin please for the Love of God bring them back in the show they are deeply missed.

  111. Shelda says:

    I think it should be Cameron Mathison ( formerly Ryan on All my Children)!!!

  112. Donna Smith says:

    I vote to recast the part of Jason.

  113. Jana says:

    I think Judson Mills would make a great Jason Morgan. He’s got the body for it and he kind looks like Steve Burton in a way.

  114. Steve Burton is on anorther soap ,.How mean is that. Let us thank hes DEAD.

  115. virginia kumlien says:

    You need to have Jason come back for Sam and the baby.

  116. carol says:

    There can NEVER be another Jason ! Jason / Steve Burton is an icon of the show ! There are just come characters who are irreplaceable…and Jason is one of them !!

  117. sandi says:


  118. Rhonda says:

    I think Jasons character should be recast at this point. I’m not sure if Steve Burton should even have the chance to come back, considering the lies he told about why he was leaving. Why didn’t he just tell the truth and say that he was going to another show? I’m sure GH can find someone to recast in the part of Jason, and it would be nice if they looked a lot like Steve Burton so it would work out more smoothly and make the transition easier for the fans. Go ahead GH….RECAST!! Do it soon, because the story line is totally boring now, and this vampire crap is so stupid. NO ONE wants to see that junk!!

  119. Amy says:

    I like Steve Burton in any role and his new gig on another soap is giving me a chance to see more of his acting. I care about GH but also care about him as a human being.

  120. Patty H says:

    NOOOOOOOOOOO don’t recast him, if its not the REAL Jason then don’t even bother! GENERAL HOSPITAL give the man whatever he wants and get him back!!!! He def deserves anything he is asking for, no one in this world could EVER take the place of Steve Burton!

  121. sharon cyr says:

    i’ve been watching gh since i was a child and it was black and white and jason is one of my all time favorite characters, no one but steve burton can or should play jason so please leave him missing and give steve the opportunity to come back at a later time. in the mean time its up to the rest of the gh cast to fill the void left by burtons departure. i have faith in the gh cast and producers to do the right thing and leave steve the availability to return when he is ready.

  122. Alice West says:

    I can’t always watch GH due to my work schedule, but I dvr it…did they have a memorial for Jason or did I miss it? I would also like to comment that I love seeing some of the old cast members.

  123. Angel says:

    I love the character of Jason Morgan and I do not think anybody could play the part quite like Steve Burton. Steve does not want to be on the show anymore and it is time to recast because the show needs the good/bad guy Jason was or hopefully is. I thought the same thing most of you are thinking when Sarah Brown left the role of Carly. It took a couple of people to get it right but I would not want Sarah back as Carly because the part is for Laura Wright. Kirstin Storm had time off and her temporary recast I did not like at first, but she grew on me a little. I hope they do recast Jason because he is the connection from the Quartermaines, Sonny, Carly, Sam (and now Danny), Robin, etc……he is integral to the storylines coming together

  124. Dorothy says:

    I really think it would be nice to either bring Jason back or recast someone that is just as good as him, the story line ended when he found Danny but he did not know that Dann was his son. Please continue that story line. Get rid of this vampire story line, it is so far fetched. Also, bring Robbin back.

  125. Sheila says:

    I think he was smart to leave after what they have done with General Hospital these days, turning it back into a nightmare like Port Charles was ,and that is why they bombed. I will miss GH when it goes down the toilet as sad. Why did the writers lose their focus and get stupid.

    • Sheila says:

      I just want this known that this “Sheila” is NOT ME! I Love GH~I’ve been watching for over 30 years. I Love Jason/Steve Burton (and Sonny)- Love John McBain and Todd (NEVER watched oltl.) I wish Jason was still on and feel duped that he went to another soap- I think the writers should decide whether to recast or not………….My only other thought is that this vampire stuff is garbage~ Love you GENERAL HOSPITAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  126. Nicole says:

    yes… recasting is in order… good ideal

    I read somewhere that he did not want as many hours like he had in general hospital… well you and sonny are my favorite personality… but your role was rather simple… they got you to give that rugged look, flex your muscles, a little anger scenes… and a man of few words… what was hard about that… very few lines to learn…

    I do believe they could of gave you more options to use your talent… and much better story lines…. If those are the reason you left I CAN NOT BLAME YOU… but you will be missed… and I don’t want your character to die off…. but it could use a little boost

  127. Kim says:

    I miss Jason, (Steve Burton), and the element of the story to which only he can contribute. The vampire storyline is insane and the writer(s) that brought it back from the dead should incur that which McBain’s character did, staked! Jason’s character needs to be a part of the story and, if that means a recast, then I vote for Tom Weston-Jones. Here is a clip:

  128. f peterman says:

    When I saw Steve Burton on another soap I couldn’t believe it. I was, and am, crazy about him and the part he played as Jason Morgan> Was also happy about the baby being his and to see his marriage finally getting on the right track. I am still hoping he will come back as he really helped to make GH my favorite soap. I am not really liking soaps but when I started watching GH I fell hard for Jason’s character good, bad or whatever.. I wish he would be the one to come back soon.

  129. maxine says:


    • Sheila says:

      I totally agree with you ,they are being ridiculous with this old Port Charles failure storyline. When will they show everyone waking from some drug induced coma and all will be back to normal and Robin can come home :D

  130. ann says:

    recast him who know’s the next guy could be even better.

  131. Donna-Marie Sloma says:

    We want Steve burton, aka Jason to return! The story line they are using really sinks and we need him back! Bring Jason home to GH!

  132. Doby says:

    Now that the vampires are in Port Charles, more should do like Jason and leave the show before the fans do

  133. Joanne says:

    I think it would be great to replace him but it would be hard to do after watching him for so many years..if he wanted to leave the soaps why is he now on y&R

  134. Donna says:

    Please find someone who is as good as Steve Burton and as sexy lol .Cameron Mathison ( formerly Ryan on All my Children)!!! would make a awesome jason morgan.The bitch need to go Britt i hate her alot she just makes everyone look stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!. And the Vamprires really that is so no words for it. Steve Burton left because he want to be with his family when the offer from Y&R came he said no at first but they did some thing that GH was not willing to do work all his scenes at once and he would only be there 3 days 4 at the most and sis not need to come back for 2 weeks .Offer he could not get from gh.

  135. It would be hard for me to accept a replacement for Jason. I can’t get over how Sonny took it, It didn’t seem to bother him much. I would like to see John and Sam together. Love their chemistry, but being Michael Easton will be leaving the show, that looks like it is impossible. I say don’t recast Jason. I hate that they had Michael Easton play a vampire.


    i think if you cant bring the real jason back have some play his part i watch g.h for the 50 years and this is one very important charters to me and the fans my children even watch it for many years now so dont sisapoint us thank you

  137. Kathleen Creighton says:

    Personally, I think Steve Burton’s timing in this whole affair shows a huge lack of regard for his loyal fans. The fact that he left WHEN he did, just before learning Danny was truly his, and just as he and Sam were finally going to have some happiness, was bad enough. But to so quickly jump to another soap, after saying his reason for leaving GH was so he could go off to Tennessee with his family, seemed not only callous but almost dishonest. IMHO.

  138. I so want Jason back… He’s just one of the main characters that i look forward to seeing daily on my only Soap Opera thats on now… and especially now that he finally has a family to come home to being that he & sam now have a son… It’s time to give then true lover a chance of a family life for a bit then get back to their exciting life style… we watched everyone else grow on the show and their children why not do the same for Jason & Sam…

    Well that’s my thoughts… and hoping Jason will reappear…
    Sincerely Dora Rodriguez ( In Cudahy, CA)

  139. Courtney says:

    I have been watching Steve Burton as Jason Morgan since I was a little girl. I started watching because of him. I don’t see fans really truly execpting a recast for his character. I want Jason Morgan back with his family. I feel like fans got ripped off. I like the jasam fans keep getting slapped in the face. I want Jason Morgan to finally have the chance to be happy. I want them to stop destroying his character and Sam Morgan. I wouldn’t expect anyone else as Jason. I want Steve burton as Jason Morgan.

  140. SHERI says:

    I dont see why jason cant be recast. If oltl recast Todd Manning with another actor for 8 years then gh can recast Jason!

  141. Bobbie says:

    Just let him go. He gave up on us.

  142. Michelle says:

    I totally understand why Steve left GH and went to Y&R, I watch that soap as well. However, he does belong on GH and all the years he has been and for being some of the reason people watch GH is because of him I just think they could have met some demands for him so that he could see his family more often. I don’t think by no means he is replaceable by anyone!!! If he isn’t coming back, move on Sam and leave his character gone. It would totally ruin his character for me. Who is can be Stone Cold??? Keep it real GH and lose the friggin’ VAMPIRES!!

  143. Latisha JaSam CarSon-Sason Morgan-Corinthos says:

    I say they recast Jason Morgan. I don’t like McBain at all. He’s always in Sam’s face. Samny(Sam and Danny) need him more than anything. Also he could talk to some sense into his nephew Michael. I would love to see how it would play out when he finds out that his brother is alive.

  144. tracey fields says:

    I”LL love 4 jason to return sam should be happy 4 once ………..bring him back soon i love this show i watch every day!!!!!!!!!!!

  145. jason probably left because of all the nonsense of the vampiresw if it is any consolation he is no good on The Young and Restless but i never liked it anyway dont recast him on GH let him die off.

  146. Kathy says:

    Do Not recast the role of Jason Morgan….No one can replace him…..Steve Burton, created a character that can not be recasted, as did Anthony Geary (Luke) and Maurice Benard ( Sonny) these are rare characters……and there untouchable. Leave the door wide open for Jason Morgan’s return……..Steve Burton.

  147. Cindy says:

    NOBODY can replace Steve Burton as “Jason”, period. Bring him back or find his body, preferably BRING STEVE BACK, PRETTY PLEASE!!!

  148. Sheila says:

    I just hope that General Hospital stays ON THE AIR! I have been watching GH for over 30 years and would be lost without it. I DVR it everyday and watch it every night. Apparently Steve Burton (Jason) CAN’T come back if he’s already signed a different contract w/ a different soap opera on a different network! Hopefully, it’s a short-term contract and he will come back. My only “gripe” is this vampire garbage- it’s pointless and rather stupid. I love John McBain and Todd on GH (I’ve NEVER watched OLTL.) Let the writer’s decide whether to recast Jason’s role or not……………………..Thank you!

  149. kathie says:

    I’m truly hoping that u don’t recast Jason, Steve Burton is the “ONLY” Jason !!! Please, please bring him back, in turn hoping Steve realizes the what a mistake all this was and would also be happy with his decision to come back!

  150. Iris says:

    I miss Jason also, but Steve Burton made his decision for whatever reason to leave GH. The character really needs to be re-cast and soon. I like the offer of the guy who played Gage on Walker but I also think the guy who played Delco on CSI: Miami would be an excellent choice. I don’t know who or when but it needs to be someone and soon.

  151. mary clabo says:


  152. sharon green says:

    yes bring jason back

  153. Michele says:

    #1 There was WAY TOO LITTLE GRIEF from ALL people that loved Jason…Someone said they thought perhaps he was alive and Sonny knew if bc he didnt grieve much…
    They still havent had a Memorial.
    #2 They may be waiting to bring him back at a later time… after Sam gets involved w someone else, and the more time that passes, the easier it is for people to aclimate to a new actor playing the role…perhaps they will have him walk in to his own memorial.
    #3 The shows future does not depend on whether or not there’s a Jason, nor will one storyline about vampires so everyone keep your shorts on.
    #4 Rumor has it Steve had more issues with his staying at GH besides wanting to move… they dont shoot the Young & the Restless in Tennessee.
    #5 I wish Steve well… I imagine eventually GH will bring Jason back, they do everyone who’s body disappeared…
    #6 I love GH and hope it stays on the air forever…Right now, they are doing great. True fans dont go away bc they dont agree with something…think BASEBALL…in 12 weeks that story line will probably be gone.

  154. Janet says:

    I hope they leave Jason dead…Steve Burton did a terrible thing when he left GH but no one wants to see another actor playing Jason. So please don’t put the fans of GH through bringing someone else in to play the part. I have been watching the show for 45 years and if they turn around and hire another actor to play the part then I will have watched my last show! Leave Sam with John that makes for a better story anyway!

  155. barbara potter says:

    no, because no one can replace jason ,leave it open for a chance to come back,if he ever decides to,,,,,it would be wrong to recast him…

  156. Lisa says:

    Myself, I’m fine with the show the way it is right now, there are so many characters now since the end of OLTL that there is constant change in the show. I really don’t miss Jason. I like Sam being with one of the “good guys”… Sure it would be interesting to see him pop up and disturb the dynamics between Sam and John but I would like for Sam and John to remain together~ but, that’s just IMO. I know there’s been a big show of hands for Jason to return for good, and that’s not to say I don’t like his character but I also think John is extremely sexy and an excellent actor who fits well with Sam and is also, again, a “good guy” let’s see the “good guys” come out on top every once in awhile~!

  157. sandy says:

    bring jason back yes recast him it time

  158. Heather says:

    Don’t recast Jason there is and will always be one Jason make him come back Sumhow him And Sam are my favorite couple I’ve been watchin general hospital for 12 years now there’s always hope jason could come back.

  159. Linda says:

    I laugh when people say things like “pay him twice what Y&R is paying”. Steve Burton did not leave over money! He left over the amount of time he was working. Y&R told him he would not need to work as much that is why he took the job because he wants to spend more time with his family. It was his decision to leave, not GH.
    Also the thing with Robin. Kimberly McCullough also left because she wants to be a director. She is currently in a mentoring program for Directors. She is not going to come back until her program is finished, if then.
    Therefore GH is stuck. They cannot get either Steve Burton or Kimberly McCullough back no matter how much money they offer them. And they are not going to offer that much….they cannot afford it. GH is not making them much money. It is far more likely they will recast as they can pay a new actor a great deal less money than an established one.
    I would like to see the part of Jason Morgan recast as frankly I do not like the idea of Sam being alone with their child. However as the producer of the show has pointed out having Sam alone for a bit and in limbo as far as Jason leaves Sam more of a story line than if she was just sitting there happy with Jason. I love Kelly Monaco and I love what she is doing with her story line of a single mother. So I am quite happy to have Jason off canvas for a bit longer.

  160. Leanne Bloom says:

    Steve was great. I was a great fan. But he lied to the fans and said he was going to Tennessee to raise his kids and that GH refused to let him work once in a while. He lied, he is not in Tennessee except maybe on days off. I am no longer a fan due to his lie, not due to his choice of leaving. Please replace him with a good looing blond masculine blond man. And I’d prefer if they figure out a way to get him out of the mob.

  161. Lola says:

    You need to get Steve Burton back! Offer whatever it takes for him to come back. Nobody can replace him! I’d rather he stayed missing than to see someone else in his place.

  162. Bettie says:

    I am sick and tired of the constant inuendoes surrounding the future of GH! The powers to be at ABC made one of the worst mistakes in their history, when they cancelled All My Children and One Life to Live, and replaced them with more reality shows. Now we have to hear the rumors that GH is going to become a reality hospital show of some kind. Enough is enough! Let the fans know one way or the other, if they can look forward to many more years of GH…the soap…not GH…the reality show. We deserve to know the truth. It is no wonder that Steve Burton decided to leave what appears to be a sinking ship, and how long will the remaining cast members remain loyal to the show? With the influx of the “oldies but goodies” former cast members, I wonder if the handwriting is on the wall, and this is GH’s swan song. If GH has a future as our beloved soap, then for Pete’s sake recast Jason, and get on with Sam and Jason’s storyline. And while you’re at it, bring the Kate/Connie storyline to some reasonable conclusion, since it’s lasted well-beyond its prime. It’s time for Sonny and Kate to get on with their life together, since the powers to be totally messed-up the return of Brenda, and the highly anticipated reunion of one of the hottest couples…ever…to grace the GH canvas. As I said earlier, let the fans of GH know the truth about the future of their favorite soap, and don’t expect a bigger share of ratings, if GH is cancelled and replaced with another reality show, because most of us won’t be watching ABC during the afternoon.

  163. Mawaka says:

    Bring Jason back don’t need no other Jason BRING HIM BACK….

  164. stacie viera says:

    I agree that they should recast Jason. I do miss Jason and refuse to watch General hospital until Jason return. Its not interesting without jason. Its real boring. You need to bring back Robin , Jason , Bobbie the nurse, The directors and producers need to get it together. I have watch GH once since Jason left and its the same story everytime,. PLEASE PLEASE recast Jason or bring the steve back where he belongs.

  165. Pleaase Steve Burton, change your mind and come back to GH. You are very much missed as Jason Morgan. Only you can fill that part. You are loved by your fans and would love to see you back on GH.

  166. Vivian says:

    Whether or not they replace Jason with another actor, or have Jason remain indefinitely missing, either way the door is open for Steve if he coils ever be persuaded to return. I don’t mind Jason being recast, as long as they’re careful about it.

  167. I wish Steve Burton would come back, but I understand his reasons for leaving also….Now to re-cast him would be a good time, the show needs some new blood to revive it…I have watched this show since it’s first airing with Steve and Audrey Harding, Jessie and Phil Brewer, and so on…so doing a re-cast is good!

  168. Diane says:

    Recast Steve Burton show him he is not the only one that can play Jason and be loved. He is a traitor and a lier. Said he was leaving to produce and be with his family and he signed with another soap. If there is no recast that’s fine leave Sam with John if he is staying and not going back to OLTL.

  169. sherry says:

    I was totally surprised when the man who played jason show up on y&r. My first responce was No he needs to go back to GH. It really takes time to get adjusted to a new character playing any role. Please bring him back Soon.

  170. Trina says:

    Replace him and keep doing it until they get it right! Look at the character of Carly. who knew? The Character is much too needed to worry ablout the Actor.

  171. cheryl meier says:

    i have never been so disappointed in an actor in my life, I love jason on gh and for him to leave to be on another soap was like a slap in the face. I would never watch him on another soap or anything else for that matter. He didnt give a shit about all the fans that loved him and he should be ashamed of himself cause i certainly am.

  172. Charlotte says:

    I hate jason left . The role was perfect for him I miss a wrong

  173. Chryssi says:

    Bring Steve Burton back

  174. Karen says:

    I never thought that they could replace Tamara Braun but they struck gold with Laura Wright! She is fantastic! However, with that being said, they need to do whatever it takes to bring back Steve Burton. Give him a taping schedule that allows him to go back and forth to Nashville. Whatever it takes. I know that nobody is irreplaceable but NOBODY could ever be Jason Morgan and make it believable.

  175. Mary Perez says:

    If General Hospital does anything they should bring Jason (Steve Burton) back. He is missed so much. If he can be cast on another Soap the execs at General Hospital should take the initiative to bring him back.

  176. edithann says:

    Steve Burton could be on two soaps Kurth and Davidson are so why cant he???

  177. Sandi says:

    NO, NO, NO there was only one Jason and NO ONE COULD FILL HIS PART. Let him be gone and you could always bring on someone different but NOT for Jason’s role make up something else to be all most like him but NO NOT IN JASON ROLES. He’s gone never to return.

  178. Linda Bean says:

    Yes, bring Jason and Robin back. They show is getting a little boring without them!!!!!!!!!

  179. Everyone is replaceable….even tho I hate to say this even Steve Burton is replaceable..Love him as Jason….but Sam and Danny need him now that John is leaving……

  180. Janet says:

    I do miss Jason but I still love GH. I believe that Jensen Ackles should replace Steve Burton… I love Dante and I have been watching GH since 1976

  181. Nicole says:

    just to say … yes we need a Jason back… anyone can be replace with a good actor… sorry or our lost with Steve Burton which I loved… but his life must go on and so do we need to see his character go on…. just like when they replaced Maxi with the other lady… she did a fabulous job in her role… hated to see her go… also was nice to see the reg maxi come back… same thing for Jason… bring a new one in…. life goes on

  182. Jackie Anderson says:

    Judson mills would indeed make an awesome Jason!! We can’t cry over Steve leaving. He wanted to leave, he left, time to move on. Don’t kill him off. Someone could/will do a great job replacing Jason :)

  183. Suzie Q says:

    I don’t think they should EVER RECAST JASON! No one else would b believable. The show is so much better now They’re bringing back original cast members. “Laura, Scotty, Nicholas, Bobbie & others they r planning on returning.

  184. marisol says:

    i think he needs to come back to sam and danny i believe the plot should be that he was found by someone who visits the same hosiptal in like pine valley or landview realize who he is and calls on sam who realize that he has amnesia and thats why he couldnt call home.. but i truly believe he needs to come back home i watch this show every day in hopes to see him come back to sam. that would make a great entry back to GH where he belongs. also another one who needs to come back is robin scorpio drake im hoping when the nurse is ball party bc i just saw the doctor who took her so im assuming that the doctor will bring her back. im hoping that she does. im so addicted to this damn novel i dont know what i would do if they take away GH from me i live thru this as my ultimate fantasty i wish i was a part of GH. i wish my life was like living in GH. is that crazy or what. but its a fantasy i know where my reality is.. lol im a mother a wife and a daughter.

  185. CArol says:

    I want Jason to come back as himself and not to be recasted as someone else. No one can take Jason’s place he was loved very much and is missed by all of his fans.

  186. Melanie says:

    Recast Jason, GH needs him, the story line totally sucks right now, especially with all the OLTL characters leaving….

  187. trizh says:

    I agree , no one could replace Steve Burton as Jason.

  188. Diane Auger says:

    jason is the best no one can replace him he is the best we all love him.he is missed alot i cant wait for him to come back.

  189. i don’t think the role of jason should be recast because there isnt anyone that looks like steve burton can play the role

  190. Super-breath and heat vision were divestments replaced by electromagnetic abilities.

    Richard Pryor, George Carlin, Bill Cosby and Eddie Murphy cemented the decision. But Common doesn’t think Assata Shakur killed
    anyone, so why are you mad at him.


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