Steve Burton Dilemma: The Good and the Bad

General Hospital fans are quite concerned about Steve Burton’s departure from the show. After all, even though there have been several actors who portrayed the soap’s most memorable mobster, Steve Burton is perfect for the job both in terms of his looks and mannerisms. In this sense, instead of replacing him with another actor right away, the show’s writers deemed it necessary to “kill off” Jason Morgan. With this in mind, it becomes clear that Steve Burton’s decision to leave General Hospital could bring forth outcomes, both good and bad.

The Good

  • The show could now steer away from focusing too much on Jason Morgan’s relationships.  Many viewers are still strongly supporting their preferred pairing, either LiaSon or JaSam.  But, it cannot be denied that quite a number of people are getting tired of General Hospital due to how dragging such relationship-related storylines have become. Simply put, Steve Burton’s departure through his on-screen character’s demise might just be synonymous with new plots that will increase viewership.
  • Given how Jason Morgan’s death was handled, there is a slight chance that the character would be recast in the near future. Due to this, it would then be safe to say that viewers would be able to adjust to the change properly and in turn avoid the confusion and disappointment that sudden actor replacements usually bring. In relation to this, if it is indeed true that Jason Morgan was just temporarily removed from the storyline, then the character might also undergo a much-needed “rebirth”.

The Bad

  • While some find Jason Morgan rather tiring, most of General Hospital’s viewers believe that the show remains intriguing due to the character. In this sense, eliminating such a vital component of the program might result to a sudden drop in viewership. Those who have watched the show for years would understand why this is a problem. Specifically, the daytime drama’s writers are not known for their ability to properly flesh out storylines, which in turn means that Jason’s demise might become a wasted plot turner.
  • So what happens if General Hospital continuously suffers from bad ratings and fluctuations in viewership? Of course, cancellation might once again become a concern. Early this year, many believed that ABC would finally pull the plug on the program. However, the cancellation of other soaps made it possible for General Hospital to survive. If the company realizes that the show could no longer grab the public’s attention, then its timeslot might be freed up sooner than expected.

Changes to Survive

General Hospital, while among the most successful daytime dramas, is facing all sorts of problems as of late. As it seems, Steve Burton’s departure might just be the catalyst that brings forth either one of these possibilities: a significant improvement in the program’s storyline and progression or a continuous drop in viewership that leads to the show’s cancellation. Simply put, regardless of whether Jason Morgan would be recast, it is undeniable that General Hospital’s writers currently face the need to step up their game in order to ensure the show’s survival.

I know we all want Jason back but let’s be open minded for a second; should we take “the good” into consideration? Perhaps it’s best for the show’s ongoing future?


  1. i want Jason to come back. He is that Babys Daddy Everyone says he should come back. PLEASE

    • Rita Smith says:

      I wish there was a way for Jason to find out the baby is his but I think
      Sam should not tell the Quartermaines as AJ might steal him away. I did not like the return of AJ but glad Heather is gone. Get back to Sam. Maxie, and Carly and Todd. Maybe, Jason could be in protective custody or something and let Sam know. They could bring him back just long enough to make the couple happy with their baby and leave the show together, when Kelly is ready to leave.

      • Wendelyn Sullivan says:

        I like that idea of Jason reuniting with Sam and Danny… and then leaving town to live a happy life elsewhere.. but what will they do with the character Sam, in the meanwhile. She will be in limbo, hoping and praying that Jason is alive somewhere out in the world. Being all alone, because she doesn’t want people around her that believe Jason is gone. That will isolate her from everyone…That will be so sad for Sam and Danny…

      • Kathy says:

        I totally agree with Rita Smith, I have watched, GH, for over 50 years, and for once it would be nice to see, A true happy ending!!! Let Sam an Jason be reunited

        • Michelle says:

          I started watching this show when i was 14 years old. Now in my 40′s i have to dvr it everyday but don’t miss a show. I agree with others that Jason and Sam should have a happy ending. NOT killed off and dumped in the river HELLO.

        • jean says:

          I agree!! Let’s have a good story line and keep the show on the air!!!!!!

        • Rose says:

          I too have watched GH for many many years. I wished that Jason and Sam could have had a happy ending. I understand Steve Burton’s reason for leaving though. If he does get recast please find someone who resembles him,then they won’t be so hard to accept him as Jason.

        • Luana says:

          I too agree to bring Jason Morgan back so that he gets to know Danny is his son.I was hoping that Jason would have found out that the baby was his,I was very sad and sisappointed when they killed him off and left the story line just hanging.But like many fans have said,they have not found his body so i’m sure at one point he will be back..( I HOPE )

      • Rhonda Badgett says:

        i agree i am 42 and have been watching this show since i was a young kid. I think Jason should come back and his role on general hospital was a major role maybe GH should offer Steve more than what he had before in the contract. Robin needs to come back too Hell everyone else comes back like Felicia Robert Anna , and Duke??? so why not Jason? everyone loves Jason Morgan. and if Steve Burton does not wish to come back.. then replace him how many times did they replace Michael?? this Michael now is the best one yet. maybe there is a better Jason too

    • JOEY FRANK says:


      • Sabrina Elson says:

        I agree with you Joey, don’t even try to recast Steve. I have not watch since Jason’s final show.

        • Rhonda Badgett says:

          Jason does not make the entire show yes he is a key character but i dont watch just to see Jason i think people get hung up on one person and that is not what GH is about its about many characters

    • tina says:

      I Want Jason Back!!! I would be alright if Jason came back just to get Sam & Baby!
      That would be Great!

    • Stephanie Fentry says:

      Why cant they just bring Jason back for five more episodes for closer for sam

    • sofy says:

      well,jason isn’t dead, he is being put in witness protection, i think john mc Bain finds him ,but no-one will no,not even sam. in real life jason is leaving because he and his family are moving to the otherside of the states,he also wants to further his carrier.

    • Angela says:

      BRING JASON back!!!! He’s the reason I started watching so long a go, well him and sunny. He makes the show what it is without him it would suck. So please please please bring him back :)

  2. linda says:

    If they stop dragging things out so long and step up the storyline it will hold peoples interest better. I have been watching 40 years now and get frustrated when it takes so long to get t a point. Like Robin coming back, Kate becoming better, etc. get my point…..

    • Samantha Oeck says:

      I agree with Linda, I’ve been watching for 49 yrs (not kidding) Things seem to be dragging too much! Speed it up or get new writers. Steve Burton would help but if the storyline isn’t there he can only carry so much! Maybe that ‘s a reason for his moving on!
      I love Jason and Sam , she wasn’t a sissy…..

  3. Heather Burchett says:

    I have watched the show for 17 years and nolonger watch since Jason is gone.Noone will replace Steve Burton!

  4. Bring jason and robin back you have more story lines to go off of and new ones that will keep the show going.

  5. jen verdinelli says:

    I believe whoever they will find to put in Burtons place will do ok…we will get used to him after awhile…i love General Hospital, i always have. My mother loves your show as well…that being said, another replacement is dueable…im ok with the change.

  6. Raquel says:

    I do not know what poll was taken to say the story line with Jason (Steve Burton was boring. But that is furthest from the true. I would love Jason back, the story is not the same without him. Sonny and Jason makes GH. General Hospital is the only story we have left to watch and not everyone does not like reality shows. I plead with the producers to bring him back. Do not recast him, just bring him back.

    • Jaimey says:

      I agree with Raquel, bring Jason(Steve Burton), back! It’s not going to be the same with out him on there. He has so much invested with just about every character on GH. I guess I could adjust to a new Jason, but its like when they kept replacing Lucky, there is only one Lucky, (Jonathan Jackson). There are just some characters that can’t be replaced by other actors.

      • ana urzua says:

        i agree with jaimey general hospital would not be the same without jason burton he was the main reason i watched the show. he is the type of guy i want.

    • Sabrina Elson says:

      I agree with you Raquel, Jason and Sonny is GH.

  7. Sharon Williams says:

    We (all my friends and family that watch) were happy for Jason and Sam to finally get married. The program didn’t give them a moment of happiness. And now he is gone, with a baby of his own! And John could go somewhere else!!! Not with Sam!!! Replace Jason!!! Also, for Sonny’s sake!

    • Carol Clark says:

      I’ve watched GH some forty some odd years and I do not want to see it go off the air. I watched Jason/Steve Burton grow up on the show and he is one of my favorite characters. I hated to see him leave but I understand his decision to walk another life’s path. I would like to see a return of the character but I think a few weeks would have to pass for everyone to except another actor playing the part.

  8. Barbara says:

    Can we please get past the fact that Steve has left GH? He gave 21 years of his life to the show. Let him give as much to his wife and children. I have watched for over 30 years. Let the man live his life now.

  9. Shirley says:

    I don’t know the reason Steve is leaving, but really he help make the show. Why mess up a good thing? Him & Sam had a great relationship. Why have Elizabeth tell the truth only to let him go away. There is no replacement for him. Why bring AJ back? Just like the bullshit with Robin. This is going to loose ratings, but I believe it’s what the want, because it was talk that it was also to be cancelled. So I’m upset with ABC. All soaps are gone. R the writers not talented enough to keep a great or good story line going?

    • Sue says:

      I too believe ABC needs new writers! And spreading the show and characters too thin. Too many storylines that aren’t that good to begin with. I think GH has seen it’s better days… back in the day with Luke and Laura and the Cassadines. Not too many storylines
      that go no where. It kept you glued to the set and rushing to get home to see it, no phone calls.

  10. Jodi Barbarula says:

    I don’t like that Steve is going to be recasted. Him and Sonny are the only reason I watch the show. Why did he leave?

  11. Sue says:

    You take Jason off the program and you bring AJ back!! Everyone is coming back from the dead. Allen shows up, in an episode. WHY! Let Robin come back to her hubby and daughter, and let Jason come back to be with Sam. You took two good soaps off the air and now you are trying to kill this one. Jason (Steve Burton) belongs on GH. Bring him back PLEASE!!

  12. Phyllis says:

    I want Jason back but Steve Burton deserves happiness in his true life. Also move the store a little faster. Bring Robin home! Now! I’ve been watching GH since 1960 or so. Never let it go off the air!

  13. Katrina says:

    I understand Steve wanted to spend more time with his kids. But really you brought AJ back then you really need to bring Jason back. If that means recasting then so be it. We didnt like the new Carly at first but she has grown on us. As will the new Jason! Sam as been through enough and deserves a lil happiness !

    • Deborah says:

      I hate that they killed off Jason. This is just a ploy to further weaken the show and cancel it. As far as recasting, we disliked the new Morgan so much that they had to send him off to boarding school, and nobody misses him. If they wanted to recast Jason they should have used the new AJ. He looks enough like Jason to be a successful replacement. I miss the other ABC soaps. I have totally boycotted the Chew.

  14. Barbara Sieber says:

    I was there on day one of GH….My Mom watched all the soaps, they were live at the beginning and I followed suit. Sometimes I could scream the way they drag out these story lines… you lose the connection after a while and you just don’t care anymore… but Jason…his stories always made me come back anticipating what’s next??? Why can’t they let them have some happiness in between all the “drama”? I hate that Steve chose to move on from the show, but I do understand it and wish him well and hope to see him as the next super hero type…so replace him please, and give us, the long time fans someone to cheer for and a reason to keep tuning in every day.

  15. marissa says:

    i just want sam to be happy, for once. and to have her lil family. she didnt get to have that. i know this is a show but my grandma and i watch this everyday. and kinda talk like we know the people lol. i dont care that dukes back, i just want sam, jason, and danny to be a family, and robin, patrick, and emma to be a family and for our sake pleaaassseeeeee get that nasty doctor thats mean to emma and sabrina. lulu and dante to have a baby of there own, and kate and sonny to finally be happy.

  16. Dianne Langley says:

    Jason (and I speak of Steve Burton) and Sam have the best chemistry on that show. They are the Luke and Laura of the show. Think of the success they brought to the show, it would be a shame if you let him go, and I think that would be the ruination of the show. Steve come back please! I’m not thrilled to see AJ back either.

  17. Sarah says:

    I love Steve Burton and I will miss him so much. I would still rather see Jason recast then be dead. Jason and Sam deserve some happiness. He deserves to know that baby is his.

  18. Laurie McRae says:

    Although I’ve been watching GH fan since the beginning, somewhere along the line I became a Steve Burton fan first & foremost, a JaSam fan second & a GH fan third. Steve Burton made Jason Morgan the iconic character he was on #GH. I’m having a hard time feigning interest in this Steve Burton-less/Jason Morgan-less #GH. Steve Burton mentioned a particular moment/scene he was taping when he knew it was “time to go.” That moment for me will be the day Jason Morgan is re-cast.

  19. alice says:

    why ruin a good thing bring jason back and get rid of aj i cant even watch with him on it

  20. valeri lyon says:

    recasting his part would be the worst thing to do… no one can replace Steve Burton…… please just let his body never be found that way he can come back if he ever wishes as himself — steve burton playing the part

  21. I agree with most GH viewers. If moving on was “truly” what Steve Burton wanted, then that is his choice and I wish him well. I also watched Jason grow up on GH and will sorely miss him. The writers have to recast ASAP and let the story line move on if Steve is never coming back. Sonny is also a favorite but cannot continue without Jason. Also, BRING ROBIN BACK. I’m up to here with Connie/Kate. ENOUGH. Let Sam/Jason and Robin/Patrick have their lasting happiness which is long long over due. Bringing AJ back, yuk. HE CANNOT REPLACE JASON. The writers are killing GH and it won’t be long before it is also in demise.

  22. Steff Jones says:

    Steve and his family were moving to Nashville. It is something he has talked about wanting in interviews for several years.

  23. kathy krammer says:

    I really hope that there is no recast for Jason . there is not a single actor that can replace him ever . I uinderstand as to why he had to leave but I can honestly say he is my number 1 reason for watching General Hospital. He finally was going to have everything. We at least deserved to see him find out that the baby was his. I mean after all these years of him being shot and hurt, that’s how they make him go down by being shot in the back???? That wouldn’t happen because Jason wouldn’t have his guard down enough ever being in that situation. And then he just gets tossed in the river. Very disappointing departure. I mean they gave us all what we wanted for a whole 10 minutes before they killed him ….

    • Sharon says:

      Jason was the reason I stayed with GH, I’ve watched it since I was a teenager, I’m 66 now. I’m still watching hoping they bring Jason ( Steve Burton ) back. I stopped watching OLTL and AMC way before they were canceled and was disappointed that they brought the same actors and story lines to GH. I could not stand John’s character on OLTL and was really disappointed that they tried to hook him up with Sam. Can’t stand whinny Elizebeth who hops in bed and gets pregnant with any man who smiles at her. She’s a nurse hasn’t she heard of birth control? Hated AJ before and I’m not going to be watch this last ABC soap without Jason aka Steve Burton. This is the only day time show I have on all day so really doesn’t matter to me if my TV stays off all day.

  24. I wonder where you think GH is in a decline. I am 65 and have been watching since it started, We are loyal fans. The slow plots were great in the old days. The old days are over. We need things to move at a faster pace, Old story lines and old loves have to go. we want fresh, fun and intrigue. ABC can get rid of Katie. GM in the afternoon was better than her show.

  25. Terri McKinster says:

    I’ve watched since the early 70′s. I like that AJ is back. I want him to really have changed for the better. Although my heart belongs to Jason if he has to be gone then a good storyline would be AJ stepping in as the baby’s “father figure” and Jason coming back in the future and then knowing what AJ must have felt. I really want AJ to be able to be a good guy. Also I wish they would put vintage GH on Soapnet. I watch all of the ones they have on there, but give me some early Luke and Laura, Alan and Monica, Rick and Leslie, etc.

  26. Beth says:

    NO, NO NO NO, you simply CANNOT recast the role of Jason Morgan!!!!! Steve Burton is the ONLY Jason. There are roles that can be recast and his is NOT one of them!!! Let’s bring back some more fan favorites to boost the ratings, which I didn’t think were too bad lately? How about bringing Laura (Genie Francis) back? How about Lucky, Ethan, Stefan, Nikolas????? I am a JaSam supporter and although happy that they reunited, very sad that the truth about their baby did not come out before Steve exited the show. Sam should NOT move on with John. I love the character of John, the actor is awesome, but he and Kelly clicked as Caleb and Livvie on the show PC, but not so much on GH. Bring Natalie over to the canvas, or how about John and Liz, she needs a love interest!

  27. marge says:

    I think STeve burton has given enough to general Hospital we were ok with a new carly I think we can manage a new jason I just dont want to loose gh

  28. michelle says:

    they need to have jason in the hosptil where robin is and they find each other, that way they can both come back

  29. Barb says:

    I respect Steve Burton’s decision to go on with his life and do other things. However, I really think the show will suffer without Jason’s character. It won’t be the same without Steve, but without the character, especially now with Robin coming back on and the baby being his, it will lose alot. I agree that the show shouldn’t drag with Kate returning to herself and Robin’s return to Patrick and Emma. They need to speed things up a little to keep it exciting from Steve’s exit. Right now, everyone I’ve spoken to is aggravated and bored. Please move things along. It’s always been the greatest hour to look forward to after work each day. :)

  30. diana bowser says:

    yes it sucks that Jason left, but he deserves to have a life w/his family. i miss him, he made the show, but i understand. if u replace him we will get used to a new Jason. this has left Sonny alone, just when he needs him the most. plus sam and danny need him. also the Robin thing is just awful – she needs to be home with her family – please get her home asap. patrick and emma need her and we do to. i am sad about the upsets and the cancel of AMC and OLTL – it was a terrible thing to take our friends and family away from us , then say they would put them on the computer and then that fell thru …. how sad it is for me and a million others to lose all of them. it has changed my life, without them i don’t have the connection with a soap = the pleasure it brings and excitement it use to bring every day, after watching from the beginning it was very sad and made me depressed. i was thankful that GH was still gonna be on, but now Jason is gone, just when he is needed the most , why he doesn’t even know danny is his. sad :( and Robin well she has been on there since she was a little girl so u know we miss her also. please do something to get the story lines to go a little faster. also kate/connie is making me mad….poor Sonny…i feel so bad for him. today in court u could see the hurt in his eyes. please ABC do something to make ur fans happy. just replace Jason (boy that hurts to say) but at least sam will have her family.

  31. mary says:

    The storylines are repetitious…tooo many good ole’ souls popping up…where’s Nickolas, Lilly, there’s dozens’ of people gone…that could simply pop in with an incredible story line….how about a little girl popping up as Sam’s daughter…wouldn’t tht mess up Sonny…when is Johnny gonna be found guilty for his dad’s death…how about a privite adoption for Dante and Lula…and the secret could be…the twins belongs to who ? Or how Maxi being a surrogate mother…better yet….how Connie diappearing….she’s pregnant and the twins aren’t Johnny’s…but Dante and Maxi find their family…and just let Robin escape, get to an american embassy….and in the midst of a flurry of phone calls…it’s Luke that gets the message…or better yet….Robin contacts Laura…and ta dah…I’d love to throw dozens of fresh ideas in the pot….and yea, Jason might pop back in…the ghost thing doesn’t surprise me….maybe, a letter is found…a secret…maybe Sam is right…and there’s Michael and Starr….there ya go…where’s Ned….he’s into music…and so is Starr….a lovesong is written…and where the dickens is Morgan…he is the father of the twins that Dante and Maxi adopted…stay in touch

    • Deborah says:

      Ok Mary, Maxi being a surrogate is a good idea, but I think she’s too selfish to do that. The other ideas confused me. What family are Dante and Maxi finding? They both know their families.

  32. Donna F. says:

    Iv’e been watching GH 42 yrs. Bring back Steve Burton! He was the best person for his character. I don’t want the show to go off the air! It’s my favorite show and must watch it daily! Thank you GH. I’m a true fan!

  33. Sandra Diana says:

    If the real Jason can’t come back then you should get another Jason so they can become a family. Jason is missed all ready, I have been watching General for a very long time, (years). I also think you need to get Robin back so their family can be back together again Get rid of Connie and bring Kate back so Sonney can be happy, just the things I have said will be a lot of story lines!!!! You can replace Jason, but it will never be the same and it will take some time to get use to him just like with Carley, then it will let the show continue and Sam can tell him he is the Father . Dante and Lulu have a baby. And Anna or Luke need to catch Duke and soon!!!

  34. Sandra Vasquez says:

    I quit watching GH when Steve Burton left. After finding Sam’s baby and reuniting Jason and Sam with their baby they supposedly killed Jason. They killed off Robin and now they have another psycho after Dr. Drake. I don’t know why AJ and Duke were brought back from the dead. The writers drag out the stories until you get frustrated. The Connie/Kate story is getting old. I now get my info. from the internet. Soon they will cancel GH and that will be so sad.

  35. Virginia says:

    Just so you know I fear for General Hospital. I have been watching since the first air day ( blame my mom, she got me hooked) It has been the only soap I ever watched faithfully to this day (thanks to VCRS ) NOT missing a beat, BUT I also see the ratings dropping. Story lines drag on, some not even convenicing enough any more. SO UNREAL to life……………too many dead people coming back… (nice to see them) but makes this a fantasy more than a soap…….CAN’T ANYONE EVER BE HAPPY?? DO THE WRITER’S REALIZE WHAT THEY ARE DOING????

    THIS IS ABOUT JASON ~ OOPS ~ my bad…. As for Steve Burton, he gave so much of himself on General Hospital over the past 20 years. I thanks him for these memories. It was his choice to leave the show…..I understand, BUT Jason Morgan has earthly unfinished business……lol……TAKE A POLL…………I BET Most true fans would wish Steve the very best, but would like to see Jason come back………………….MY VOTE…………….RECAST JASON MORGAN, GENERAL HOSPITAL NEEDS HIM…………DOES ANYONE AGREE WITH ME?

    • Karen says:

      Steve Burton is the ONLY JASON! GH is doomed.. They drag storylines out too much, Move on with this Connie/Kate thing PLEASE! Need to bring Robyn back, NO AJ! John and Sam don’t work for me! Stopped watching, made me very upset the way Jason left the show! Shot in the back REALLY!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Linda says:

    I am desperately hoping that they really didn’t kill off Jason(Steve Burton)He has always made the show more interesting and worth watching.He is a real hunk!He also is part of a music group.No body maybe he will come back for all of our sakes.But quit teasing us with this view of Robin every now and then.Let her come back so Duke can be found out.

  37. Sally B says:

    It was time for the character of Jason to depart. I will watch the show more now that he has gone. I was tired of the Jason/Elizabeth/Sam storyline and am excited for what these two strong, independent ladies have in store for their futures. The Kate/Sonny story is rotten and the writers need to focus more on the chemistry made famous by previous couplings, from Luke and Laura to Frisco and Felicia to Sonny and Carly to Dante and Lulu…these are love stories that the audience responds to and shows up every day to be a part of.

  38. ferret says:

    get Jason back or call the show canceled show will suck without him or bring someone back to replace him soon!!!!

  39. Jean Biordi says:

    I have also watched General Hospital for over 40 years. I have enjoyed the soap as long as I can remember. I really don’t see a problem with recasting Jason’s character. As long as soaps have been on, it happened all the time. They are pretty good at getting a replacement with the same looks and they are able to carry on the character. The current Carly is an outstanding actress and I enjoy the character she plays. I do agree that the current plot with Robin has gone on long enough. Please discontinue the part with Duke Lavery and bring back Robert Scorpio.

  40. MaryAnn says:

    Jason and Sonny ARE the show. Jason cannot be replaced.

    I no longer watch GH after 25 yrs of watching because Jason is gone.

    The thing with Robin has just dragged on forever and so I lost interest in that…..get to the point writers!!!!

  41. Jennifer Brown says:

    He left cause he did not want to raise his children in Los Angels.

  42. jane grove says:

    i would just love for jason to come back really miss him on the show…him and sam deserve to be happy.and robin please come back all ready….ready for patrick to be happy again….tired of the connie crap…jason u really need to come back to raise that lil boy…i dont want her with anyone else….u two belong togeather

  43. Kim says:

    I love Steve Burton, just like everyone else. But just because he decided to quit doesn’t mean Jason should have to leave. Soaps recast people all the time and it’s hard at first, but you get use to the new person and sometimes even like them. I love the story line of him and sam but John needs to find someone else, or figure out him and sam are brother and sister.


  45. Karen says:

    There is NOTHING good about Steve Burton leaving & for Gh & the viewers too lose the Jason Morgan character! I’ve been watching Gh for 20 years & i love Gh it’s my favorite soap but in 20 years i have never loved or been as invested in a character or an actor like i am in Steve Burton & the Jason character. He is 50% of the show too me & his character was involved with so many other characters on the canvas that are very important so losing Steve is really a very negative situation for Gh. Steve Burton can never be replaced & if Gh does recast it will never be an acceptable recast as there is no other actor capable nor do they have the qualifications to carry the Jason Morgan part that was completely “Unique” & “Special” as Steve Burton is to all his fans. He will be more than missed!!

  46. without Jason the show will certainly suffer he made the show interesting he’s just perfect for the part Steve can not be replaced it would not be the same if you want higher ratings then you need to some how get him to come back but to try to replace him well that’s just not going to happen not for me so please try to bring him back he is greatly missed and loved by all his fan’s he’s just a wonderful person

  47. barbara says:

    danny should not with out a dad bring jason back pls

  48. barbara says:

    sorry danny shoul not be with out a dad so pls bring jason back

  49. aviles says:

    if jason is to b replaced i will stop watching .him and sonny are thee only reason most people watch. i mean come on he isnt one u can replace like that.

  50. Bettie says:

    Jason Morgan is one of the central characters in GH, and needs to be recast. Yes, Steve Burton is not going to be easy to replace, but he made the decision to make a career change, so that leaves the powers-to-be with little choice but to find a replacement. My suggestion is to try to get Cameron Matheson (All My Children), since he has the physical characteristics to step-into the role…those blue eyes, for instance…and the skill to recreate the Jason character without too much upheaval. Furthermore, Matheson has a strong fan base from those of us who have been stalwart fans of all the ABC soaps, and he has portrayed “less than law-abiding” characters previously…Ryan was a con man in his early days on AMC, so his role as a mobster would not be that much of a stretch. At any rate, GH needs Jason Morgan, so let’s move-on with a new actor to fill Burton’s shoes. BTW…Kelly/Sam and Ryan share a past via their participation on “Dancing With the Stars”, so they have that experience in common. Just sayin’.

  51. Jeanette Green says:

    Please don’t recast Steve Burton. I know he relocated his family, but he is worth the money to bring him back to the show. Fly him home on the weekends! General Hospital NEEDS him, Sam and Danny need him, and his FANS need him! There are certain characters (actors) that are the glue to a soap, and Jason, Sonny, me these are two actors that cannot be replaced by any other. Maxie is another! The woman that played Kirsten Storm during her absence did well, but she wasn’t MAXIE!!! Thank you for having the foresight to see this. No one else can play Jason. It’s not like Carly…NOW you would be hard pressed to replace LAURA WRIGHT! You could never replace OUR LUKE, or even DANTE!!! Never ever, JASON!!! Bring him back and let Sam and Danny have their happiness…

  52. Paula Kate Prince-Meserole says:

    Against all odds…..General Hospital has survived because it has clearly demonstrated the ability to pull viewers into its intricately woven story lines consistently, for nearly 50 years …period.

    Characters come and go and come back again…in fact…that capability is the very nature of a Soap Opera and we as soap viewers have come to expect it.

    The success of any Soap Opera lies in the fact that the viewers happily invest in the characters of our Soaps and we care what happens to them ……in fact it’s why we tune in everyday…. decade after decade…and on any television network’s abbacus that spells success.

    With regard to Steve Burton’s choice to leave the show….his leaving will not make the show suffer.

    I join millions of GH viewers in the appreciation of every year he gave to the show and yes of course… we will miss seeing the character he created …. but I respect his decision to leave and to broaden his creative horizons and I wish him the very best in all that he pursues.
    Yet whether or not GH recasts the role of Jason Morgan and brings him back on the story canvas….it won’t keep true General Hospital fans from tuning in.

    Why? Because of the other characters that we invest in every bit as much as we invested in Jason Morgan. And if the show chooses to recast the role…it will be just fine…
    Why? Because every actor brings their own special energy to the roles they play…and so as the character grows into that energy…so do we(the viewers) grow as well.
    Cases in point:
    When Jacob Young took over the role of Lucky Spencer, after Jonathan Jackson left, it didn’t keep millions of us from tuning in then, nor did it keep us from tuning in when Greg Vaughn took over as “Lucky”, after Jacob Young left.

    Sean Kanan created the role of AJ Quartermaine…but we didn’t stop tuning in when he left, nor did we stop tuning when Billy Warlock took over the role. And now in true soap tradition…Sean Kanan is back as AJ.
    Soap viewers are used to this kind of thing….if anything…. we are the most “flexible” audience in television history.

    Simply put….General Hospital is “our show of shows.”
    I, along with millions of GH viewers that have passed this great American television tradition down to our kids stand in support of our show no matter what.
    General Hospital has a muti-million viewership and the show is now better than it has even been…..
    On April 1, 2013 our “show of shows” “General Hospital.”.. will celebrate its 50th Anniversary… To that we say….Congratulations and here’s to the next 50 years of General Hospital.

  53. dixiemartin says:

    Look, I love the show have watched for many years . It’s a great show and lossing Jason has been horrible because we have so much unfinished storylines but Hey life goes on.
    I think all this he-haw is about that they the show is just looking for any excuse to cancel and that is what has been going on all along, no matter how much they know that the show is being watched and loved they just don’t care. They want more Katie shows and others that just don’t make it. I say bring back Allen and he too has really been alive, Where is Helena and Please bring back Nik. Lets face it gang….. The show prints this crap just to scare us yet all along they have been planning on taking all the soaps down regardless who is watching or how much we still love our show it comes to we the fans don’t really matter at all

  54. Cynthia says:

    I want STEVE MORGAN back. There is NO other Jason!

  55. Marcie Rotter says:

    I have been watching G.H. Since it’s start,watching just about everyone grow-up! ! ! It’s like I know them.Jason is a part of that.Part of the show is missing.It’s like putting down a salt shaker without the pepper shaker! ! !

  56. Connie says:

    SB is Jason Morgan. No recast. !!! I’m glad SB is “living the good life”… I wish him all the happiness… he deserves it. I will always hope for his return to Sam and Danny. I’m hanging on by a frayed thread with this show for now…waiting to see what happens with Sam and Danny, my favorite. I’m liking the AJ/Michael story so far… and curious to see how AJ fits into the Sam and Danny story. John needs to stay far away.

  57. sharon says:

    Ok, how about in a few months Jason is found to have survived, but due to a head injury he remembers himself as Jason Quartemaine and has no recollection of Jason Morgan. He can then be eased in as another actor with no ties to Sam but may then know he has a son and he can connect with him as a single man detached from Liz and Sam! New relationships and for goodness sake, make Sam and Liz happy and strong again, all these women victims are sickening!

  58. Deborah says:

    I haven’t watched gh in along time just started watching again 2 yrs ago and have been hooked ever sense, Please try to replace Jason as soon as possible, prople will start losing interest i know i am getting bored with these long story lines.

  59. Lee Page says:

    I love Jason but I a m liking bring back the old people from the past. I have watched GH since it came on the air, I know a lot of the old characters and it is good to see some return. I do hope Robin gets home soon as this has gone on too long with her gone. But thumbs up on the new twist in thhe story.

  60. Anna says:

    I’ve said it a million times, I’ve been watching G.H for over 30 yrs, and there is NO DOUBT in my mind that the new head writer Ron.C. and producer Frank.V. will be the demise of this long standing abc soap. First and foremost why the hell abc brought them onto G.H from a CANCELLED OLTL is mind boggling as well as insane unless of course their goal was to kill G.H! These 2 came on and brought with them their truckload of B-rated(at best) actors, adding insult to injury they gave these B-rated actors first rate story lines and screne time! They half heartedly tried to intertwine the stroylines w/G.H characters which not only were lame and didn’t work, it infuriated G.H fans! Breaking up Jason & Sam to give lame Jon Mcbain screne time???!!! Stupi,stupid,stupid! Giving Steve Burton’s Jason character irresponsible, unworthy characteristics and actions that Jason would NEVER display or do! I can go on forever. The fact is they should had moved heaven and earth to keep Steve Burton and they failed miserably. I’m certain Steve Burton wanted more time w/his family, but I can bet my bottom dollar the writing for, and the direction of his character Jason sealed the deal and was the reason for his final decision. If abc has half a brain they will get rid of the head writer, producer, and the new head of abc daytime because she’s just as useless!

  61. Suzanne says:

    I just want to say to all you so called fans who stopped watching,thanks so much for helping ABC to cancel yet another show ,because thats what will happen,just because Steve Burton left dont mean he wont come back,however if cancelled …..well then !!!

  62. Michele says:

    Lets get this one to the writers…Love General Hospital but all the people coming back from the dead is crazy, Fazion, Robin, AJ, Duke, you see Alen once in a while, and now maybe Jason…. WTHeck….Lets keep them and stop killing them off then returning them years later….Jerry Jax, etc etc etc….whaaaaaaa…. stop it and lets move on the story line and make this a heck of a Soap…..

  63. Wm Jacocks says:

    I am 43. I have watched GH every since I was 6 YEARS old. Jason was the man.Never saw him sweat except for the Franco thing. We all know him like we know ourselves. We learned his mannerisms, likes dislikes, temperament and his heart! My first reaction to him getting killed. was shocking. And I was sad for a moment. Then I said to myself ” If Jason don’t come back. I will not watch it anymore!

  64. Marie says:

    I love Jason Morgan as much as any other GH fan, and I have been watching since I was a kid, which is when the show started. I think Steve Burton did a fantastic job of portraying a complex character, a hitman that was also as gallant and brave as any knight. At the same time, the man left for personal reasons, and he has every right to move on with his life. I would love it if there was a way for him to return to the show as Jason and maintain his life in TN with his family at the same time, but if that cannot happen, I am ready, willing, and able to accept a new Jason Morgan. He should look enough like Steve to pass for AJ’s brother though, because those two do look like they could actually be brothers.

  65. Talk about getting rid of GH, ts not due to the fans. Fans are loyal. ABC wants cheap shows on during the day .Katie is the just plain bad.

  66. lisa says:

    No recast. just plz bring Steve Burton back. tyvm. case closed !

  67. i want him back he makes the shoh .Daddys always go away.

  68. i want him back he makes the show .Daddys always go away.

  69. Donna Smith says:

    Bring Jason back!!

  70. Kathy says:

    I watch it even though he is gone. Ya I miss him but will never stop watching.

  71. Jamie says:

    I agree with a lot of you. I have watched GH for 30+ years. I have seen a lot of people recasted and it takes years to accept it. Carly, Michael and Nicholas were the hardest for me to accept. It’s not fair that they killed Jason off with out him knowing Danny was his. It doesn’t help Sam at all either. I also think they left it open for Jason to either come back/or be recasted. Recasting Jason Morgan is certain CANCELLATION! I watched 1 weeks worth of GH after he left and didn’t find it interesting any more. Kate/Connie needs to end. This line has been played too many times and it is dragging on. Come on already. I do like that they brought some OLTL story lines in. It’s a bit of change for the good of the show I think. I want Jason (Steve Burton) back too!! But it would be selfish of us, he wants and needs time to spend with his family too. Let JaSam live happily ever after….PLEASE!!??!!??

  72. Deb says:

    I am over this thing with the OLTL gang. Send them back to their show. I hate that story line and have not been watching. Do not want to see a new Jason either. Vampires and weird new characters…give it up. ugh. How long do you have to drag things out. Other soaps start a story line and go one to a new one rather quickly. Ya’ll seem to drag things out forever.

  73. dawn turner says:

    give steve what he wants please no one can play JASON MORGAN but him and if gh gets cancelled iam done with soap PERIOD.

  74. NoJason says:

    good riddance to Jason;he was a bad actor anyway!

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