Some Tom Waits Stories

Tom Waits has always been interested in, well, things that wouldn’t interest other people. As he said in one of his interviews, his favorite sound is the sound of bacon frying in a pan – how many of us would have said that? Did we even notice this sound? And if we did, didn’t we find it a bit annoying and, maybe, a bit frightening?

But this isn’t the weirdest thing Tom Waits found interesting. He found it interesting as to why rats actually eat. According to him, these creatures don’t necessarily eat because they are hungry, but because their teeth are constantly  growing. So if you see a rat nibbling on a nylon bag, you know that the rat isn’t going to ingest that.

Of course, there are weirder things than this, there are also facts that baffle Tom. As an example, he talks about the possibility of getting in trouble with the law in Oklahoma for kissing a stranger – and this is one of the reasons why he always has a lawyer with him on tours: so he can tell women that are wearing mink that he loves their weasel (nice pun, Tom).

Something even more interesting than this play upon words is the fact that a man cannot swat a fly. It isn’t because the man is to slow, or that the fly has great reflexes. According to Tom Waits, the man cannot swat a fly because the fly doesn’t know the meaning of swatting – just think about it and you will see all the trouble some simple words might get you into.

But things can get even weirder than that. As Tom Waits said, at one point in his life he accidentally ingested some water from a pond. He was fine for a couple of days, until he felt something moving inside of him. Was he pregnant? Yes, he actually asked himself that. After a few months, he made a sonogram.

To his surprise, he said that there were three tiny frogs inside of him.

Another fact from his unreal life was that he was a doorman at the San Diego Heritage Coffeehouse and he made $8 per hour. He was 19 then. Later on, he became a performer and returned to the Heritage Coffeehouse – Tom Waits made on the stage $6 per hour.

Pretty weird, right?

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