Some Little Known Random Facts About Clint Eastwood

Everyone knows and loves Clint Eastwood. He was born on May 30th, 1930 in San Francisco, California. He started out as a movie star and then went on to direct different films. Most fans of Clint Eastwood already know a lot about him, if not everything there is to know. However, there may be some things fans haven’t heard about him yet.

The Man can do it all

He started out acting and went on to directing but did you know he taught himself how to play the piano? Yes, he not only plays it but has taught himself how to play it and play it very well. He is so good at playing the piano that he has performed at Carnegie Hall. He has also composed the music for some of his movies, one of them being ‘Million Dollar Baby.’

He is dedicated to his work

It has been said that Clint Eastwood is allergic to horses. But, how can that be when he has played so many roles with horses in them? As a matter of fact, the films would not have been complete without the horses. Well, this just goes to show how dedicated he is to the movie business because although he was allergic to them, he still rode them all throughout every movie he played in. Such great dedication!

Tried his hand at singing

Because someone mentioned he should try singing, he did. He even recorded an album titled ‘Cowboy Favorites’ but it didn’t work out after that so he went back to doing what he loved and what he was best at, acting.

Worked for the People

During 1986, he became Carmel-by-the-Sea’s new mayor and he was also a swimming instructor for the U.S Army. Not only this, but he was also once a Parks Commissioner at Big Basin Redwood Park in Santa Cruz, California.

Bond? No James Bond?

Mr. Eastwood was even given the chance to play James Bond when Sean Connery stopped playing the role. However, he refused because he said the role of James Bond should be played only by a British actor.

Did you know any of these cool facts about Clint Eastwood?


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